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Taylor Marotto Jan 2015
I found freedom in a bottle.
I rid myself all thoughts of you.
I found love halfway through the bottle.
I need no other man than Jack to get me through.

When I drank all of my whiskey,
I smashed the bottle on the floor.
I quickly came to realize I didn't want
Whiskey anymore.

Reflected in the shards I thought I may have seen your face,
So I searched and scraped and bled for you, who left without a trace.
Picking through the shiny pieces I had come to find,
I already knew where you had been the entire time.
You were the glass I accidentally swallowed,
And you were shredding up my insides.
Taylor Marotto Jun 2013
Running from my eyes and my nose.
Flowing down a stream of my woes.
Touching my lips, burning my irises
Drying and cracking
My face.
A too-familiar taste.
Taylor Marotto Aug 2012
You're twiddling your thumbs,
Tugging on your shirt.
I see you break
Into a cold sweat.
Watch your knees shake,
I know you're nervous.
And you radiate unsure
But you just breathe,
Until the twitching stops.
Calm down a little,
Say what you planned.
Four most dangerous words
In the English language,
We need to talk.
**My turn to worry.
Taylor Marotto Aug 2012
I can't help but doubt you or
Your loyalty
My heart clutched by fear
Insecurely, I worry
that I'm not enough.
Insincerely, you assure me,
No need to think so much
My mind is on fire
The Pressure
is creeping.
Slowly but surely
gripping my throat
It has left me breathless
and blue.
Taylor Marotto Aug 2012
promises shatter like
broken glass on a hard floor.
i can't breathe.
my stomach is churning.
i'm sweating -- you should be.
torn down is all that we've built,
and i'm feeling it.
i'm feeling myself wilt.
Taylor Marotto Aug 2012
In a moment where time stood still,
The stars glistened and sparkled,
In the black sky above us.
The true immensity of the universe
Was more than we could understand,
But we were aware; It was beautiful.

The moon perfectly round
to our imperfect eyes.
Concrete at the surface, but porous.
Maybe hollow?
It hangs luminous and low.
It hangs low and it hangs sad.

Perhaps the face in the moon wasn't
Always so blue?
In the days when the earth remained untouched
and the Earth was beautiful, too.
Taylor Marotto Aug 2012
My eyes sting. I blink hard, grit my teeth,
Holding everything back.
I try to leave before it begins, but I can't
One look, and my barriers are broken.
The dam comes crumbling down.

I open my eyes,
Or the floodgates to my heart.
Silent screams escape my throat.
My face red with heat and hurt.
My lungs are pained.

I am shocked to my core
an unexpected and powerful
dry heave.
Nothing comes up
but feelings I thought had
long gone.

I wish this could be different,
I whisper.
Emotionless you reply,
but only with your eyes,
*But it isn't, so...
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