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Taylor Evans Jun 2013
Brass Monkey
you fucky monkey
You have once again
Delivered me
To a place known as
The Drunken Sea

Everyone else is sleeping
well atleast in this house
Yet I sit
My body hurting
my head beginning to ache
Bed and sleep sound
Oh so nice

I'll get a glass of
With ice

I'll slip my headphones in
And once again
Pass out
in a bed
That isn't mine

I'll get around to doing this
The sun begins to shine

I have wrote down
This "poem"
That is

But now
I am bummed
Perhaps I should
Before I am beyond sad.
BRASS MONKEY = 1 forty ounce beer (preferably Micky's Malt). Drink to the top of the label, then fill with non-pulp orange juice. Then enjoy. ;)

06-06-13 @ 3:33am
Taylor Evans Jun 2013
It is always the most amazing people,
who spread happiness with ease,
that have the deepest anguish,
pain, and
no sense of self value.

It is a shame that horrible people
who do horrible things
can love themselves and/or their lives
to not end them,
but then people like you
who have so much to offer
and have improved the world already
just by going to High School everyday
and not even noticing a girl who was noticing you.

You made everyone laugh
and now you have made everyone cry.
Hopefully your suicide doesn't make anyone else want to die.

"...but it's your life your body, so you can do what you do, and if in your last breath you are the only witness. That's fine cause it's your last breath and that's Jo one else's buissness, but the pain you leave behind. Well that's.not something you've got to live with."   -Scroobius Pip
Old friend from high school recently killed himself
Taylor Evans May 2013
I usually write **** down
On the pages of a notebook
But I am in My home town
and I am drunk as ****
and its dark as hell
So I guess all is well

I can only type this
Out on my kindle fire
In hopes that someone may read it
And that my words will inspire

I don't know if this
Is going to make any sense
And honestly whether I post it
I am on the fence

I keep you a secret.
I talk about another boy
who will also.never
Be mine
Too drunk and tired to finish this. Good night. 05-05-13 3:39am
Taylor Evans May 2013
I wish you would
Look into my eyes
As you ******
Deep between my thighs

I wish you would kiss me
On the lips
The pair north
Of my hips

I wish you would hold me
Just for a moment or so
Before you get dressed
and say you gotta' go

I wish you cared
Or tried to love me
But I'm just your *******,
And all you do is **** me.
I'll just keep wishing my life away.
Taylor Evans Apr 2013
You said that you loved me
When we were sitting on the swings
We were in the 4th grade
it meant so much to me
I gave you my first kiss
I'm sure it was yours too

It was 5th grade when you met her
That's when I became just a friend

Now I say to myself
If only I could make a single wish
I would take it all back
There would be no kiss
No bliss

The talks that we had
Thinking of them makes me so sad
The times that me shared
Never for a second
was I scared
You made me feel so safe

Now I say to myself
If only I could make a single wish
I would take it all back
There would be no talks
And no times to remember

The looks that you gave me
Don't mean a thing now
Its hard to see you two together
When I see you with her

I say to myself
If only i could make a single wish
I would take it all back
While moving to my new apartment I found a book of OLD poems.
this one is a song dated 5-28-05

Hahahaha I was so heart broken. . . In fifth grade.
Oh to be 11 again
Taylor Evans Apr 2013
Today is your day
April twentieth
Happy Birthday? I guess is what I say.
or anniversary?
. . . . . . .
**** it. Its all the same

Today is your day
My sweet Mary Jane.

We have been together
Since grade nine
Seems like forever ago
but forever with you sounds
perfectly fine. :)

Forever with you
my sweet Mary Jane.

When we are together
I feel no pain
All my scars begin to fade
And all my battles become history
I feel so safe in your ministry

Safe with you
My sweet Mary Jane.

You speak of peace
And love
To be one with all
No need to push and shove

One with you
My sweet Mary Jane.

I don't understand those who call you
You are as beautiful
As a goddess
Nothing like the devil.

You are my goddess
my sweet Mary Jane.
Written on 4-20 of course ;)
Taylor Evans Apr 2013
Buried alive.
Left here to wilt
unable to thrive

this grave isn't shallow
And neither am I
Perhaps that's the reason they didn't wait
for me to die

I have no use for your status on the social scale
What matters to me is
Just a bit
More frail

I couldn't care less what sports you play
What gen iphone you have
or what expensive gift you got on your last birthday

I value the parts one can't see
nor rate
The deeper parts
you wouldn't dare to share on a first date

Things like your past
The places that have scared you
the people who have left their scar
The emotions that make you human
The experiences that make you who you are
Not sure if it feels finished. Should I add to it or is it just right??
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