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Jun 2013
It is always the most amazing people,
who spread happiness with ease,
that have the deepest anguish,
pain, and
no sense of self value.

It is a shame that horrible people
who do horrible things
can love themselves and/or their lives
to not end them,
but then people like you
who have so much to offer
and have improved the world already
just by going to High School everyday
and not even noticing a girl who was noticing you.

You made everyone laugh
and now you have made everyone cry.
Hopefully your suicide doesn't make anyone else want to die.

"...but it's your life your body, so you can do what you do, and if in your last breath you are the only witness. That's fine cause it's your last breath and that's Jo one else's buissness, but the pain you leave behind. Well that's.not something you've got to live with."   -Scroobius Pip
Old friend from high school recently killed himself
Taylor Evans
Written by
Taylor Evans  Northern Colorado
(Northern Colorado)   
     Nic Ruiz and mvbm
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