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Taylor Evans Apr 2013
Will you be
my Asian persuasion?
I don't care if you're Irish Vietnamese
be my guy?
New love interest. Wont get out of my head
Taylor Evans Apr 2013
Vega is so beautiful tonight
She is shining so bright

Literally like a diamond
in the sky
Never before
Has a star brought a tear to my eye.

She reminds me of you
Not only because of the nights we spent
Sleeping under her
But because
Much like you
She stuns me
With her beauty

I hope she brings the thought
of me
To your mind as well

Again not for the reasons above
But because
As immortal as she is
So is our love.

So many ways you are like her
And she like you
Both are
Incredibly intoxicating
Both are
Mildly frustrating

Frustrating for reasons neither of you can controll
you both just seem so

I can't hold Vega in my arms
And keep her beauty
For myself
I wouldn't dare bottle her
And leave her
To collect dust on my shelf

I can't contain you either
For that isn't what is best
So I share you with the rest
This world needs people
Like you

Loving, peaceful people
People who are true

Don't be sorry
I see myself as being
Privileged and blessed
To get to have given a piece of me
To you
To have a piece of me
to you.

No matter what we do
No matter where we are
We will always have
our love
our star.
Poem written as a gift to my ex.girlfriend
Taylor Evans Apr 2013
Pretend this is pokemon.
I'm Ash Kechum
You're Pikachu.

Random thought when watching old Pokemon episodes.
Taylor Evans Apr 2013
I am so ******* happy for you
really I am
so happy I could be your starter girlfriend
So happy I could teach you how to love again
So you could find her
And tell me how perfect she is
how you've never been so happy.

I'm so ******* happy for you!

No really I am.
Go **** yourself.
Taylor Evans Apr 2013
Will we always be this way?
Will we forever pretend and play?

This isn't real
We are just acting out what we feel.

You're not my boy
And I'm not your girl.
but still our love continues to unfurl.

Will we always be this way?
Together at night
Alone by day.

Well. . . I'm alone
you're at home
living your life
Playing with your baby girl
And asking her mother
to be your wife.

I'm alone
until the sun sets
In the sinful darkness we make our bets.

I bet I can make you beg.
you promise to make me scream.
Working against eachother
But still as a team.

We have the same conclusion in mind
New triggers to ecstasy
we seek to find

You pull may hair
I bite your neck
You grab my ***
Why can't this last

Will we always be this way?
Spending the night together
but at dawn forced to say

You have to rush home before you're found missing.
If your girlfriend finds out. . .
Just tell her it was my mouth you were kissing
Revised and I think it went well
Taylor Evans Apr 2013
On the outside
I don't give a ****
But I'd be lying if I said that was it
because there is a little girl
Inside of me

Just a little girl
Who longs be
by society

Begging to be welcomed
To the world she lives in
A little girl who just wishes that
One day
She will win

Win the heart of a boy
Who will love her so
or even a girl
To her gender doesn't matter
as long as they hold her and
Let her go

That little girl
Is so very nieve
I know this because
she continues to believe
That she can do anything
if she wants to bad enough

I've tried
To let her down easy
I have told her that
The world
Can be tough


She continues
To dream

And she continues
to ignore
the grand scheam
Written in march 2012
Taylor Evans Apr 2013
Dear Taylor,

     Things are not the way they used to be.
Don't get me wrong I do love you
     Just not the way that you love me.

     I've never had a friend like you
     One I could tell EVERYTHING to
but you, you keep secrets
Things about you
     You say I can never know
It hurts me
     That you don't let your full self show

The first time you told me you liked me
I didn't know what to think
     Or what I should say
So I told you the truth
     That I'd never thought of us that way

I confused my feelings for you after that
     Because when my mom walked out and life got tough
You stepped up to bat
     You where always there for me
Day or night
     Whether my issue be money
or that my dad and I got in another fight
     You were there for me
And my little brothers too
And for that I sincerely thank you

I didn't know how deep your feelings for me ran
     Until I split us apart
You then told me you loved me
     And that I'd broken your heart.
It was then that I decided
That we had to be divided.

     I chose that in this world
There was a you and a me
     Because I knew that an us
could never be

I never wanted to hurt you
I love you
     I did what I did to keep our friendship together
But that wasn't possible
Because things between you and I
      Have changed forever
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