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Tamurray Mar 2014
I was born with a brain that takes hurtful words to heart which turned my world into a disordered mess
I cannot dig my way out of this chaos
I am trapped in my own skin
Tamurray Mar 2014
The rushing rapids of your voice hold my tongue paralyzed not knowing of what flood may overcome my rocky shore next
Your tenacious wave of petulance hosts my vessel jeering for the beacon so vibrant on the horizon
A storm this detrimental shall never cause the amount of convulsion inflicted on another but myself
For if that prove false the ocean of erroneous intentions within me will ruse your rapids into dissolution
Tamurray Mar 2014
I need someone to talk to about my problems and issues
maybe even someone just to toss me a tissue
Oh no forgive me did I just cry?
Well I'd rather do that than ya know die
Life is too short to limit yourself
To want the wealth instead of good health
You look in the mirror hate what you see
Cuz it don't fit the definition of beauty
You won't stop until you hit perfection
Until that definition is your relfection.
Tamurray Mar 2014
Beauty is supposed to be something that you feel
but apparently if you can't see it it's not real
To obtain perfection we keep our lips sealed
because nothing tastes as good as thin feels
Now my shoes tell another story step in them yourself
You can still see the pictures of me sitting on the shelf
And I'm laughing
And I'm happy
And I'm smiling ear to ear
But what you cannot fathom is the silence that I hear
And then she talks and I listen and I do what I'm told
Hoping that this dark rainbow has a sparkley *** of gold
And when she speaks she walks around you doesn't have a face
But that's because she's just a particle in space
Tamurray Mar 2014
A Godless generation
Seemingly hopeless situation
All these poets throwin words but you can't find the relation
Lets not fight over pigmentation
Of the body thought mishapen
But is beautiful as ever
No man has ever been that clever
Not in his greatest endeavors
To out do the heavens
Or attempt the deadly sevens
And survive without a single prayer
Muttered over his five o clock chin hair
Without skippin a beat
Each deadline red line flat line God meets
Because he believes in you and me
So why can't we see
That it was He
Who made this beauty
Everything it's turned out to be?
Tamurray Mar 2014
My mind is locked behind bars
and you don't have the key
They say that God has a plan
to set me free
I just want to get lost in something more than I am
If I believe I will achieve then I know that I can
Just take a second step back
and look in the mirror
You know what you want to see
it couldn't be clearer
What caused this wasn't an obsession or a love
but of course it was rather a lack thereof
It's a disease of the mind
"It can be healed with time"
But to them it's their clock tickin'
it isn't mine
Looking out my window
I see birds flying high
Wondering what would happen if I gave it a try
Step off into darkness not knowing where I'm going
The only thing I have is wishing and hoping
Tamurray Mar 2014
She was in the hospital last night
I'm so afraid she's gonna die
She says everything will be alright
as soon as I'm the perfect size

When will that be?
When you've finally lost all your sanity
Obsessing over those counted calories?
When you pass out and can hardly breathe?
Or when your organs deflate
trying to lower your weight
to the ideal eighty-eight?
She says no dinner it can wait

Wait for what? The world to end?
It doesn't have to
Pick up a pen
and write about your struggling spirit
Maybe then we could stear it
Until you see what it is I see
and there you'll find
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