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Mar 2014
My mind is locked behind bars
and you don't have the key
They say that God has a plan
to set me free
I just want to get lost in something more than I am
If I believe I will achieve then I know that I can
Just take a second step back
and look in the mirror
You know what you want to see
it couldn't be clearer
What caused this wasn't an obsession or a love
but of course it was rather a lack thereof
It's a disease of the mind
"It can be healed with time"
But to them it's their clock tickin'
it isn't mine
Looking out my window
I see birds flying high
Wondering what would happen if I gave it a try
Step off into darkness not knowing where I'm going
The only thing I have is wishing and hoping
Written by
   ---, g clair and mybarefootdrive
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