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Dipti Dhakul Jun 2018
I'm on my way back,
where the words never end,
Two miles, cars & diggers,
Tangled up & feels so lost,
Pains in the rains,
Opinions so strong,
And the answers keep coming back,
For the questions that I neva asked,
Sandcastles and Leveche,
What a mystery.
I will borrow pages for
These colors mean something,
I can see it in the sparkles,
Like a storm,
And all the things that I've witnessed,
I wish I was road up ahead,
watching, knowing, loving,
shades of colourless sky.
Trying to predict future on footsteps of past from shades of colorless sky.
Dipti Dhakul Jun 2018
we ever
to put an
the pieces
of puzzle
for in darkness
she has dwelt
much too long
miracle indeed
it would be
for she will fly
in an atmosphere
waiting so hard
hoping & wishing
becomes reality
no matter
what it must
be get your
plane right
on time
over the hills
& everywhere
she'll change
her tune
no one
and no one
will stop her
catch her
for wings
never stop
while on
She will fly one day and that day is yet to come ...
Dipti Dhakul May 2018
I have left ,
the rainbow up in the sky, 
rivers with solitude,
days of snow and sun,
flowers, honey and the bee.
backward glance,
when fog fills tinting windows,
cause our minds have been distant.
Dipti Dhakul May 2018
I am forgetting my old self again,
For I only seem to hear you.
I feel you next to me,
and I am no longer cold.

My heartbeat is slowing, 
but I will not let go.
I open my eyes,
and your dark irises are still lively.

I need a hand to pull me 
away, to hear another
voice that's not mine,
Soft to the touch,
Cool to the senses.

I want your attention, 
though I'll never ask 
I just want to be the exception,
Your hugs, calmly and warm,
Comfort and in it a piece of solace.

Yet i push people away,
Yet i avoid relationships entirely,
those keep me sane in an
unsecure state of mind when I feel low
enough to want to leave them.

••|keeping dreams safe in whispers|••
Dipti Dhakul May 2018
For that radical shift,
to change & be the change,
to trim the minds,
lessen errors,
blemish amends,
acting like a broom just sweeping,
parachuting words,
migration of noun,pronoun, verbs...
somewhere, in a drawer;
somewhere on table;
yeah somewhere in comp's folder;
read first all the shades,
untangle the meanings,
discover books,
in more reliable ways
As it is well said that,
"More sailed are the tribes those read.."
Dipti Dhakul May 2018
I care for sprout of tree.

On which I laugh when world  stands still at this thought of mine.

So I cry when my passion wastes & nature listens.

but I listen everything deep, that's blue, orange or white.

& I love this invite into storm of retribution.

but I hate when my hands twine tight.

& I need to walk among new & densely greens,

So that I have a understanding of, what nature is!

I crave for leaves, branches fallen & thorny vines.

which I bear with gentle roll of thunder.

So I speak to hour glass, each grain & emerald blades to glisten for lifetime.

I stalk time and nature.

I see everyday cloud as a colorful rainbow.

I do step over paths those have no traits to mark,

& I know such travelling will emerge creek in frozen edges.

But still I want to continue, to look up the hill and keep moving,

In search of thorny tangles.

I seek right footsteps neglecting the weather,

So I heal patches of dark earth,

& I burn waves that drowns my emotions.

Now I feel at home that we have chop down

& I soak in whisper, rythyms, beauty of 'Mother Nature'

I find it comfortable
••Life of I••
I care
I laugh
I cry
I listen
I love
I hate
I need
I have
I crave
I bear
I speak
I love    
I stalk  
I see
I do
I know
I want
I search
I seek
I heal
I burn
I feel
I soak
I find, it comfortable °°LIFE OF ' I ' °°

Actually I wanted to create a slam book for self to analyse my strength on different themes of life love, nature, sports, religion, humanity so I created this format ..

If you want you can also try your hands on writing I on different themes
Dipti Dhakul Apr 2018
Why don't you realize, You are the one,

Just a little more
Of dream that never ends,

Just a little more
Of the love that one holds,

Just a little more
Of the truth that lies can't hold.

Why don't you realize, You are the one,

Just a little more perfect
Of little faith on lost paths,

Just a little more perfect
Of need that my eyes hurt for,

Just a little more perfect
Of running on my nerve highway,

Why don't you realize, You are the one,

Just a little more, Just a little more

Say it again!
Just a little more perfect, careful mine.

-©Dipti Dhakul
Dipti Dhakul Apr 2018
Give me words &
I would give you chance
to color my mind,
To stay another day,
To love me another day,
I won't bat another eye,
Won't leave you to cry,
Do your thing,
Just color my mind.

© Dipti Dhakul
Do not consider here chance as begging, sometimes taking a step back to create another day , another life is worthy..
Dipti Dhakul Apr 2018
All were running individual marathon,
So you choose to pause a while
and realize that divine AIM,
To purge those fear,
To fling off those worries & concerns,
You reanimated and reinvigorated,
You Unfolded those right runaway tracks,
The Turquoise curtains,
The Maroons spreads,
The morning brew of coffee,
The noise of children,
The harmless hurry
World will understand,
The whirl of your journey,
It was your power to pause,
To glow on that flow,
Just a pause!
Not a full-stop.

((Pause is good, Stop isn't,
So: ReBounce))
I would dedicate this poem to all those women's on career break who ReBounce and create world so mystic.
Dipti Dhakul Apr 2018
I won't remember you because now
everyone remembers you!

You showed respect,
You were kind,
You were patient,
You had the courage,
You had love,
You caressed,
You saw,
You lived to change lives,
You shined,You tumbled,
You focused on fantasy,
Your verses like luminous constellations,
You didn't forget to converse dreams,
You make the journey unique.

Sadly, I didn't have a chance
to talk to you or to know you.
But I read your posts/poems and
I feel with all my heart that
you are and always will be
remembered by all !
This one is so true, we all ought to be remembered as someone and I'm no different than you all..

Be remembered, Make a difference

— The End —