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Rebecca Oct 18
They call me the Cheshire Cat, that's my name.
A creation out of Lewis Carroll's brain.

I live in a in land of wonder you see,
and store plenty of tricks up my sleeve.

I'm a feline that can grin from ear to ear.
I can also make parts of my body disappear.

I am in love with irony and all its complications.
I adore philosophy and erratic explanations.

Speaking in metaphors, that's my intricate specialty.
I'm not insane, I just live in a different reality.

A reality that fulfills my immortal amusement.
A world where I demonstrate my brash imprudence.

Wonderland's espionage is a good title for me,
eavesdropping on all there is, nestled in my tree.

SHHHHH! I see a young girl approaching, she is coming closer.
She looks alone and lost ......I wonder??...

Curiosity can't **** this cat or make me fall.

I am a bit mad, I dare say, but aren't we all?
“I'm not crazy, my reality is just different than yours" - The Cheshire Cat

— The End —