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Michael Marro Jan 2020
We are entangled in the fabric woven from the warp and weft of Life's fibers.

We love the idea of escaping these threads of thought that restrain us; each seeking to find that quantum of solace that allows us to float free.

But there is an uncertainty inherent in finding ourselves. Breaking out of our shells to explore new possibilities poses as a forbidden pleasure to attain, and often the exertions required may seem to overwhelm the escape it offers.


Those random rewards, those instantaneous attractions, those excited states, those resplendent resonances,

Form the bonds that keep us human.
Two inspirations here:
A thought inspired by "THC Freedom" from Neptune's Stardust on Poetizer.
A theme inspired by Blair, Carly and Caleb at Nation's bar and grill in Nashville.

— The End —