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Terry Collett Jul 2016
We slept on the coach
from Madrid to Malaga
apart for getting out for meals
and to stretch our legs

Miriam sat next to me
sometimes laying
her head on my shoulder
other times looking out
at the passing Spanish scenes

that last meal was nice
she said
I could have eaten more

so that is why you
were nibbling my ear
back there?
I said

no that was
for different reasons
she said
if we were alone
on this coach
instead 30 odd of us
I'd have you
on the back seat

not sure the driver
we'd be pleased us
******* on his back seat
I said

when we get to Malaga
and in our tents
maybe *** can be
on the cards
she said

but you share
with that quiet girl
who wouldn't say
boo to a goose
not sure she'd
appreciate it
I said

she laughed
not with her
or with her there

Piccaso was born there
I said
my favourite artist

was he?
she said

yes and there's
a Roman theatre there too
I said

not too much culture please
she said

I said

she unzipped my jeans
and her put hand inside
to investigate my pecker
her fingers
like a bird's beak
pecking at it

I held her hand
and removed it

you'll have to wait
until we hit camp
I said

she sighed
and put her hand back
in her lap

I placed my hand
on her thigh
and touched her skin

she smiled
but wouldn't
let me in.

— The End —