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Once a year of joy to couples,
But not just once a year enough though.

Why treat him or her better this day,
No other is different to appreciate.

If you really love, show this action always,
Not once out of 365 days.

Express to your loved ones,
all and through your heart,
Show your feelings throughout the whole year, but not just one part.
I had to write a Valentine`s Day poem on Valentine`s Day!!! DUH!!!
My director calls.
As I rehearse for my school play,
"Dear Evan Hansen,
We've been way to out of touch!"
I sing.
I know that sound to well.
"More Enthusiasm!"
"Act knowing your experiences"
All statements stab me,
Like a knife.
I try, I really do!
But my experiences,
Are the things holding me back.
My friend's suicide attempt.
My parent's divorce.
My sister's depression.
And my non-acceptance,
only because of my presence!!!!!
So don't judge me if I can't act,
When I'm only taking your advice.
I do act at my school. And I am judged by my director. That line is from a song called "Sincerely Me" from the musical, "Dear Evan Hanson". It's my favorite musical!!!!
Dear Reason For My Existence,
I hope one day I will find you.
I'd ask you, what you are.
Actually I'd ask you every question I could think of.
I have no choice to but to give you my life.
So, see ya!
                                           -Sincerely, Alyssa Herndon
I don`t know why I`m here. Hence, nobody knows the meaning of life.

— The End —