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When she cluck, I pretend it's love.
When she gouch, take my chance to touch
Rita Oramorph! Rita Oramorph!
Wait on her like the Queen of Sheba.
Wait on her like the King of Sherpas.
Rita Oramorph! Rita Oramorph!
Docs'll wean her off
onto Kia-oramorph
- worry Rita more than Xena,
Warrior Xenomorph.
I swap my script for a roofie stripZZZs
- Noddy, she godda nice body in Diadora shorts!
Rita Oramorph! Rita Oramorph!
If you love me,
you will sell me
a subby
or a jelly.
If you want me,
you will sub me
a trammie
or a vallie.
O pharmaceutically
blackmail me,
Rita Oramorph!

— The End —