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Apple juice May 27
Don’t you remember the bruised knees
and those damm hickeys
that’d almost leave you bleeding?
Every lick that tasted of candy
with the biting that left your lip with plumped red swelling?
Plus every squeeze that stopped your breathing?
You could open your eyes wide
only to have them roll back inside.
When gentle and nice were put aside
because let’s face it
there’s a much better way
to have a good time.
Weren’t those the days!?
When pain was THE gain.
Playing life’s good ole f u k i n game
with your playing piece
in between its teeth
that bit down with anything but ease.
I’ve played life the game
because who needs to be in love these days?
We used pain as an escape
since we were dumb
because that’s what we called it..
We called it β€œlove”
β€˜Oh but wasn’t that love?’
No, it was pain
and it’s all the same
now in days, so I kinda liked it that way.
We learned to yearn the pain because our minds turned our blind eyes away from what was really in the way of our growing brains.

— The End —