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Nicole Alyssia Aug 2017
by nature,
i've never been
a jealous woman.
for lack of a better word
          fits the bill
so, i guess
what ignites this
fury within
is knowing that
i'm the sole reason
why you're no longer

i know deep down
you still wish you were
and perhaps
she was just a
feeble attempt at
recreating what we had.
the opposite of hate
is indeed love
which is how i know
your energy was spent
loving me
all the while.....

for now, i cling
to my fantasies
faking futures with him
that in my bones
i wish
were with you.
a future lost
can never be rewritten,
but the only good
that comes from
this realization
is that i now know
you know this
just as well as i
No one compares to you and no one compares to me. The only comfort in a lost love that will never be

— The End —