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There are no words

When you quote the sea
Overtake a breeze

By the hand

For a dance
You shake
No rhythm
Nor sake
But the waves

You break
I like it better underwater
Hard to breathe
No need to talk
Is but mere moments
Even if it takes a lifetime
For loneliness

It is

We are

My heart sings poetry the world will never read

Though I may be so lucky as to conceive them in my dreams
The life I lead amidst the in between is more than enough to evoke the scene of never waking.
She's told me some stories,
what she has survived; from when she was innocent.
And I carry a lot of respect for her.
I admire her,
for the commitment to being a decent person.
It's not easy.
I know.
But, do you know how they say we should be a light in other's lives?

Well I've found mine.
Never stand a chance up.
My colors run and my fruits rot

I come up short but can't stop

Reaching for the stars and shoot the moon.

Nothing gratifies me instantly beyond disappointment

Letting go of expectation and desire while addicted to reward

Destroying the reward systems with drugs and alcohol

Reward the systems that destroy those addicted

Some don't see the vice we're all in, some don't want to

If I touch what I can reach and reach where I go and go where I'm needed then I've made the difference.

I am not alone in my journey
The internet truly is amazing. To think one day the world would be linked through the elements we manipulate. I do fear that people were not meant to be so close together though, the thought is nice; that we as a world could exist in harmony. The truth is there will always be a place for evil in the world, such comes with desire. Everyone has a different reach but we can all touch someones life in a meaningful way. The world was small before the internet.
No kids
No ties
To this world
Time goes
As the crow flies.
Didn't want to do either

Because I don't know If

I messed up or let go
Stuck in headspace
In my dreams
I am sad
And alone

Although they miss me this time
Eventually, someday, it all ends
I view you the same as they,
but I'm seeing;

The longer I look,
The more I find,

To admire,
To love what I see
And hear your embrace,
To feel your memory
And savor the taste,
You're whom I smell
When love is laced
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