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Hadn't thunk to say it,                                
But I think today did
Enough to me to thank it.                
I mean I'm patient,
sure of what?

Every angel taught me;

Say my name and I will wake for you. 
When patient shores evaporate
so softly.
Drowning in sunlight
Sol and I are burning
Gravity wisps away
A dance begins turning
The same old two feet
This time I'm learning
New ways to meet
The partner I've been yearning
An open mind and heart may never find it.
Delving into abyss
Catching what I miss
Looking quite amiss
I lift my lip and fail to say...
Whether it be in or up, it will not matter to them
But loving you would be the latter
I'd be mad if I'd had her
Minding the feel
Tracing until

I draw you without trying
Stall you without time
Devine in your design

This line of love is not thin
How deep we are drawn
When swimming in sin
Yellow in the morning
Pink in the bed
Peach little cheeks
Now burning red
Her eyes weren't green
Baby blue instead
Doesn't take it Black
Cream is what she said
Just the way I see it.

Withered Oak sun soaked
Sharing the horizon yonder
The Earth's daughter
Born of destruction
Glaring at her Father
Beaten and Burned
Alas pale knight
The wounds are fresh
No end in sight
Blackened salted seas filled with death
Sweet retribution shall be swift
When the tides swell and kiss our feet
Swaying beneath the Judas Tree
There is no name for the day
The rapture some will say
But when our sins call us thrice
Our name will be nothing nice
I was forced to love my self.
And I hated what I found
When everything hurts but nothing is wrong
Your pain is acceptional

It's nice to see you, Happy.
This too shall pass,
But I'll be here waiting;
For when you need me again
Loneliness shall be beautiful
The conservation of mass
If energy is neither created nor destroyed
Then negativity is a MUST
A law of nature
This is a burden I am willing to carry
Thank God I don't have to
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