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John-Chris Ward May 2014
Center of life,
Thank you for loving me, before I could love myself.
Thank you for giving me the tools, to survive.
Thank you for teaching me,
That when life gets hard and my shoulders slump low,
That life goes on.
Thank you for teaching me that I am a winner,
And that life doesn't end with "I quit", "I can't", or "I give in".
Thank you for showing me that I can accomplish anything,
And that boundaries are nothing because I can do everything.
Center of life,
Thank you for showing me the way,
Being behind me every step of everday.
Thank you for loving me before I loved you.
Thank you for cradling me inside of your womb.
Thank you for holding me in your heart, long after I could walk and talk.
I thank you for praying over me every night,
Kissing my head every time I closed my eyes.
Center of life,
What more could I say?
I know I could never love you as much as you’ve loved me.
I know I could never show you how much I appreciate everything.
All that I can truly say, and all that comes to mind,
Is I thank you and I’m grateful that your mine.
Early Mother's Day gift :)

— The End —