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Norbert Tasev Aug 2021
Today I tried to please many a little again! I didn't change it, at most to my disadvantages! I hid my soul under the petals of onion peel, and with my camel-lazy self I closed a circle of tevelus many times! I knew a long time ago, who's galloping me, who's trampling me? Who's the girl?! - I'm still hurting from grievances and atrophies! My turning days continue to get worse; in my senseless throbbing I could be left alone with my memories!
Duster of dust in a crumbly darkness; pulled down from heights into yawning ravines, even a sure fall closer and closer; my candle patience is running out! Walking on rusty, leafy leaves, I travel instead of snapping stepping shoes! I went to the ground many times! The golden rule of urbanized, diluted media is devouring our brain cells; we **** in the dizzying lies of superficial feelings of life! When will the thorn of hope of the irreplaceable Mind break the paths he has tried for himself ?!
In the cheap-handshakes of Promise Spotlights, you will be ox-eyed and gullible with ease! - In my leaking wounds, an evergreen, clinging aggastyan tendril is flourishing and he has come to break his way to this land and to find the happiness he deserves: all deceit and lies! The tiny flocks of Dionysus silky boys are immediately wound up by even more chic sensation!
It would hurt even more sadly and it hurts like an abscess, a fused tooth; you chanted in me like a red friendly alarm-**** your conscious scared and spit my punching-drumming heart for someone! Does betrayal promise to last?!
Norbert Tasev Aug 2021
Locked in the destined bone cage of the Universe, our everyday life promises a lasting struggle; torment-beating, comic We long for the pleasures of being and want even more! The mature, immortal presence will soon be lost if we choose only cheap, earthly pleasures! A suffocating lack of self-confidence and an overcrowded social Sisyphean loneliness always flourish in the placental doubts carried out among the rattling ravens of worlds!
Our world-shattered, wounded-dreams are rarely if they can come true! Our haunting nights are all stolen by our battle sweats! Your deep soul hears the melancholy-hesitant echo sounds of the created, murderous silence! How much more selfish, stubborn weight can you still have? To the expressable mercy hurts the teeth of all of us, to relieve the soul-tearing beast-pain! It carries dreams and desires as a pillar weight, but the creative thought, from which the Redeeming Difference falls on you, is even further away!
Because as soon as the defiance of remembrance comes, somehow the Southern Company Future always becomes senile! This introverted, contemplative consciousness looks at this ******* I give and take; blurred, confidential They sell their Loyalists as used underwear for a petty greeting of consciences! They can rarely scrape humanity for themselves from the pathetic sediment of Indifference, a secret moral pedestal! They would also easily drill into the offered, mild-paying Hope - if it depended on it - they could hope for a proper reward for their career!
In every new opportunity, the Death-flirtatious competence of humiliation weeps alone! - Sensationalist, foolish ideas to radically increase the number of degrees are accumulating and multiplying in the hives of obscure minds; little girl-faced mannequins stand as grinning canaries; sacrificial porcelain doll sense
Norbert Tasev Aug 2021
In his superstitious eyes, a tingling, false, flirtatious caress is born when he looks at the other in a self-giving way and deepens the given encounter every second; confessions made in the atrium of purple-petal flaming hearts are made and the dream charm of ****** kisses is seldom if you can give comfort! In mutual-beneficial blindness to each other, a solid telepathy of thoughts flows back and forth in the secrets of the eyes! Excited trembling travels its way through the channel tunnels of throbbing blood vessels, and each other's souls glowing in restless love suddenly migrate through the chemistry of the body!
The little secrets of our hearts, pounding in the rhythm of flowing, refractive pulsations, are all coming together! And he continued to ring-knead its members from cell tissues that could be built further! Can he find in his absolute adulthood, as others have demanded of him, a childish, more playful face and, through it, can he still marvel at the blind spots of falling vulnerabilities? From time to time, only the heart trembles, bleeding drums in every miscarriage clamp socket! In the past, every burned minute memory supports another squeaky mouse! "Where is the giving, protective Angel with wings, spread with his human goodness?!"
In his superstitious voice, he keeps whispering, "He still loves and forgives my childhoods!" - They would squeeze each other's outstretched hands so that we could still cling to the hopeful possibilities of moments and hope; point traumatic enrichment can be interrupted somewhere like an invisible thread! There are more and more tragedy-like ordeals, even rats on sinking ships: no one is comforted by the vulnerable crying of ourselves.
Norbert Tasev Aug 2021
The off-line state of inhumanity follows! The silly era of toast shame is long gone! In the depths of every gaze spiced with enchanting exoticism, the tempting profit-seeking is curiously alert! Celebrity-infested retinas are now covered in a thick cataract: Spectacular charity is just fashion in front of the screens! Flirtatious cyber-droids, collegiate diva queens give each other V.I.P. parties on the corner of crowded, fluffy fork districts and rags with milk thrive everywhere!
Pacemaker performs a digital countdown no matter how many times the Live One clings to his throbbing heartbeat with all his efforts! Even in constant ******, we can no longer be completely self-centered and ostentatious to the core! “Self-seeking, fleeing queens enjoy the public life of shop windows while not even noticing: they have become public prostitutes with the promises of prosperity! Even in the plasticized vibrations of faces that can be predicted over time, we cannot safely navigate and recognize the essence of a child's party, who was once protected by a guarding-protecting, caring conscience!
In Kripa-larval gazes, the twilight darkness fits just as well as the gaps in the gaps left behind! Even a burning forgotten lamp; star myriads are scattered superstitiously by the human eye, while the inner values of the other are finally found! For the last time, we could embrace proud shores built from our memories to feel like we were once Humans and not just acting, pathetic wrecks! "As if everyone had pathetically forgotten where he came from and his bitter struggle, which it all involved."
Norbert Tasev Aug 2021
The tongue-wrench meandering between his superstitious rose-lips barely fits in the lock; the mischievous fidelity of desolation glows on his burning lips! His curtained face obscures all receptive pleasures, the giving, human-centered Universe! We continue to snuggle into the non-passing cover for the very first miscarriage sign! Our walkable, throbbing heart-circles will all return to themselves by the time they finally land! The grotesque mirror, in which everything can be seen the other way around, stretches silent, truthful tears on their faces!
In the depths of the rainbow of pupils preserves all spells, enchanted ancestral moments of conscience! When romantic instincts are adventuring on anonymous-unknown paths: it is better to be immersed in finite weightlessness with a companion than the happiness of hero lovers under veil waterfalls! - Comprehensible and perceptible score lines in the pulsating, decipherable atrium of heart-petals; translucent, blade-thin delicate crust can carve out for yourself sweet love! They get closer and closer to ourselves, while they have all traversed the secret cells of their bodies - and yet, in the warming fire of ****** kisses, the distance between two souls becomes more and more invisible!
Many times words of enchanting branching are more likely to hurt than caress! The roaring, beading draws breakable glass beads! Self-consciously falls into the Phoenix ash, who chooses his true emotions! The honey-steam of bodies glowing in good, muddy silence, in fine sweat, is hospitable: spreading out its limbs! - The Fraction reigns benevolently over us with the present reckoning, and takes everything into points! Verbatim, human voices are embodied into fractions for years, while from a distance an emotional cello monologue tears through the fabric of immortal romances
Norbert Tasev Aug 2021
The stripped-down, monologues are already without costumes: bare prison cages without mattresses! The junk legend is becoming a deceptive educator! The enchanted charm becomes a volatile reality: tears lurking in deer stars! - The deep-jerking destruction of Decayed Twilight frees up the distorted darkness! The underworlds banding as carnivores are showing off and I should be themselves! I would try to believe, with childlike confidence, perhaps the Goodness present in everyone, the urge to come to the rescue — on the wings of the merciful Angel! If there could be a secret tunnel that would not seem so complicated to go through the Trials of Being! For a single moment, I could see the petal-hearted dear Lady comforting and healing with her gaze!
Unconditional love, involuntary devotion is merely the crumb of fairy tales; my palpable half-anxiety reigns in the depths of the well of my wandering soul and makes a sound countless times when interrogated! The mystery of restless Shadows can promise neither salvation nor reassurance! Secretly lurking ghost worms chase and chase each other through the bars of nights even bump into blind walls themselves!
Perhaps, if I could have more time left, I could endure it more boldly, how could it be possible to be loving my conscience broken down into parts?! "In the swan's lap, the hope of the angels could rock to a redemptive dream: in my narrowness, the lost child, who could not grow up, could be sniffed into a sniffing game!"
As another survivable option in the night, a bat-flying dawn always rips itself through with new life; look at my soul and see with your heart, that you may understand what is still moving?
Norbert Tasev Aug 2021
In the depths of the mirror, deliberately shattered hopes tremble; crumbling lines on the sincere-crying pit-grooves of faces would shout! Beautifying tear ***** throbb in feathers! No one can know if the labyrinths of our emotions are sincere, whether the human heart is honest or liars?! In the counterfeit machines kept under brain control, even memory degrades and gives birth to Nirvana deserts!
What can be hidden in the deep? The childhood image of ourselves as absolute adults can be understood more and more often! Many times, the fact that computational thinking always stops in the way of emotions as profit-seeking and deliberately raises barriers! Deserved happiness is also just another, cherished air fortress: whoever deserves it can no longer walk! - Even in our horrible long-lasting minutes, we should consciously learn how to inherit development, the iron-solid Will and the hope that although our common affairs may soon be the pillars of destruction, we also have a little prerogative for lasting prosperity!
Many times it goes unnoticed that we are deliberately exhausted by a cheering deficit: but it could be good to live when empathy tolerance can make a difference with seemingly sought-after stereotypes, and instead of sincere condolences. I would appreciate it! And those who preached the tramples of once wicked soles should not be harmed by the testifying lesson: “Man! Love your neighbor! ”
Our reluctant words in graying moon faces tremble for each other and are still afraid when I would have to confess voluntarily.
Norbert Tasev Jul 2021
He is already wandering around in the holy cauldron of sensual pleasures of the hero-loving Heart! Throwing fatally large ones in the deepening craters of bubbling cauldrons! The fillable Universe also feels unique! With the flaming, harmonious melodies of flames, he leaves the homes of invisible, secret telepathies at noon and finds himself a romantic-sweet sigh and a sonata of desire!
We kiss giving loyalty and love on each other's lips as an eternal gift! - Selfless service with a torturous homesick tremor is an even more difficult, burdensome task! Nor should it be a failure to bang once instinctive beats are finally released! Collecting slow heartbeats, we whisper into each other's eyes the secrets of our romantic immortality without words! At the boundary between depths and heights, we try to accept the most by gaining the most from each other!
Going from the inside out, we learn the seductive secrets of our hidden body; we build our homes that we thought were lost in each other’s petals! In every tiny sigh, in the filling molecules of desires, in every return, we can find ourselves again! - In all superstitious consciousness we can majestically be reborn and even destroyed as a Phoenix in the One-Whole eternity! - In the body of our body, our familiar movements seem to be realized again! We walk alongside the bumpy curves of tortured, sad paths of Being side by side with courage and spine support! Our fleeting selfish pains, if they exist, may seem to be immediately dissolved in the bonds of our radiant, eternal emotions
Norbert Tasev Jul 2021
A soul-seeing series of stifling silence, sacred romance, beautification, sincere compliments, chivalrous kindness - when someone knelt down, because their heart-oath was obliged to do so and because that would be dictated by etiquette! It would be good to remember everything then and humbly wolf-eye the motherland again! Why do we feel a flow that wounded, earthly lights can become transient in us?! Our life-confession that we have left to people every day may wipe out all sins!
It is rare for a person from his past to stray back into a hesitant present! Our talkative silence always has a severed neck! Today, they make favors of pseudo-messiahs, and they don't even know for themselves whether the greedy career desire will squeeze out more favors from them? - It's a shame to shiver and sigh for secret sound, suggestive, noticeable noises! The noise of squeezed heart sounds should be deciphered in ecstasy squirrels, strokes that can be snapped out as strings! Cheering, aggravated oppression echoes in silence while its festive culture settles on me!
Arbitrary, **** phlegmas endlessly step into the mud! In the soft sigh of Fugitive Twilight, a drunken, honey-like moment of Eden trembled: swan-tender ducks cherished their heart-loving hearts with their velvet caresses! Our dreams were puffed up with superstitious desires by the longing vibrations of the Universe! Immortal desires in our cell-deep loneliness were carefully concealed by our heart-cups!
The only scientists of the secrets of passion-sighs trembling through the ladik of the mammoths; memorable Wings of weightless imagination from time to time captivate the living! “Leave your shattering, raven-black locks free, while your superstitious broomsticks tremble at the tastes of the Universe
Norbert Tasev Jul 2021
Spotlight is the Shadow; cheap, alamus fame from curious eyes that started to sting! The shipwrecked Soul stuck in the depths of the cell glows by itself like continually self-igniting cleansing fires! Witnessing true pearl tears runs away like a thin line of pencils in the trenches of torturous faces, who else can see the point?! At any moment, - if the illuminating memory has long since gone bankrupt - it can fall on us, like an award-winning plaster, the gap-widening oblivion!
Selfish-stubborn Chances of being can still surround you! The beautifying mea double proved to be little for them! No one with a determined will could build any son-calf palaces without a fruitful relationship behind him! In speaking your honest truths, should you be afraid of true realizations in fear ?! Or just the bred, "how am I?" - is the thread of the conversations stuck alone? Most people today still tolerate - even in pursuit - half solutions! They have to bargain again and again with their uncharacteristic lying words; if we want to make the actual changes all through!
Our history of pop culture will become complicit, as will the Human Being condemned to innocence! We also fall into the alms of the promises of our half-truths! Between our confrontations, everyone is already trying to compare with skill; the new ideology sermons likewise deceive hesitant witnesses, and conscious evidence goes to trial against the truth! - Listen to the compromise as many as the victim is guilty! The fattest Buddha snowmen are made of snow-white skies from swan-feather falling plaster! The lesson of empathy tolerance should be re-taught in a dimly dimmed shock
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