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Nathalie Dec 2018
The words you speak become the life you manifest

You are a creative and imaginative being

Whatever you see in your mind’s eye

You can make visible and part of your reality

Be mindful of the images you give energy too

In your heart and the ones that are magnified

By your own mind

Be playful and live passionately

Be bold and stay true to your purpose

Be joyful and spontaneous in your giving

Be open and grateful in receiving

Be demonstrative with your love

Be loyal and trust your intuition

Be gentle and honour yourself

Anything that lights you up

Observe with attention

Listen to the callings of your soul

They are there to guide you

Nothing random ever appears

Without there have been a desire to

Pull it in your experience

Sometimes we are not aware that

We are putting out a signpost to have a certain

Experience about this or that

It might have just been a question in our minds

Or a longing to understand something better

This is part of the curriculum; a higher learning

Accept and embrace the process


— The End —