severed by stiff, wooden skewers
and melted on a melting fire,
a sweet life taken away in seconds.

They're not just marshmallows, everything deserves a live

In raspberry rain
and in mulberry midnight,
and in strawberry sunset.
I sit, soft as a marshmallow,
as I admire the cherry clouds,
fantasising the fruits of life

I mount myself on mint mountains,
as I stare up at the sugarcoated stars
as the strawberry sunset turns into
a luscious, liquorice limbo,
where whole thoughts squirt out.

Never, never to hurt anyone again.

A poem about dealing and depression and how it's always temporaruy

i want to dream about you!
                             because I want to palpate your pink masculinity
(in a stargaze-like state)
I will take your shining sun in my shadow soul
and breathe in the algid air
                                               with my ebon eyes stuck on you( only you)
to fight forlorn sorrows
                                        scuppering in my saturnine soul.
No sorrow shall scupper in your sun,
your pearl-like eyes
                                            I have now completed the mystery of love
I will wed with you
                                 After battling my bedevils.
I will be always smelling
          And setting my dying-for-love lips on your full-of-love lips.

Maybe the first poem I'm actually proud of....

     who, have
   eyes dark as

ting for
prey, and
     putrescent politicians

Just an anti-politic poem, they are so corrupt, and sly like foxes!

I walk upon the caramel moon-dust,
as I walk to the edge and espy an Earth
of crimson and coal. Caused by the
humans and their romance with rockets.

The waters now a silver sludge,
and the land looked like a dying fire.
The Earth was converted to a candle
for the Solar system.

Men are a mix of mindlessness
and mercilessness. Man manufactured
and marauded their planet.
We should have wished for wit!

Hey-hey, my name is Daniella, and I just joined HP, and I'm an intemet-punk/tumblr-core poet/writer. This is an anti-nuclear, anti-war and ant-Trump poem so it's not my unusual. I usually write more avant-garde, teenage-angsty kind of poems and shitty Keatsian odes to nature because I'm a tumblr gal, lol

— The End —