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The caos
How it became necessary that I come I do not know.
For almost twenty years All I knew was fun, fun, fun.
I was not told about other phases,
Everyone I know wore a smile on their faces,
Growing to become a man on daily basis,
Just staring at every with zero gazes,
And I was left unarmed for worst cases.
Where is the life I used to know?
When did it became the caos?

Now I am grown, images begin to form pictures,
I have been weaned from the allusion of years.
Now I am grown, with meaning to every sound, music no longer lay to waste around me, I understand the unspoken messages now.
Now I am grown, lost some friends and made new ones, I see beyond the struggle for the stick- sweet now, men want more than a stick they want the whole forest.
Now I am grown, wishes grew wings and flew away,  dreams became slurry, excitement turned disappointment.
Who would have thought that the once Rosy life would turn so messy.
Where is the life I used to know?
When did it become the caos?

Greed and selfishness became partners to power,
So many blind men pursuing it,despirate to wield it.
Bitterness and anger became friends to the follower, successfully taking away humanity replaces it with kin cruelty.
Hate called vengeance and together they visited brothers, inciting a cold war.
Lies took hypocrisy to pay a visit to the house of the Supreme one, met his Clergy and became his friends.
Where is the life I used to know?
When did it become the caos?

Blood over blood.
Skin over skin.
Black over black.
White over white.
White over black
System over standard.
State over people.
Power over Right.
Force over choice.
Merit over worth.
Where is the life I used to know?
When did it become the caos?

How it became necessary that I come, I may not know.
Now it has become necessary that I stay, stay to know why i came.
For every sweat that dropped in the struggle for existence. I will stay.
For every voice that was silenced and stuffed with grunt. I will stay to know why I came.
For every tears that rolled against the joy that would have leaped. I will stay.
For every believe that was jacked away and replaced with skepticism. I will stay to know why I came.
For every stronghold that was plunderd, exploited and bunt down to ashes.
I will stay, Do my part and influenced those around me to do it like we would have had it, because we must stay to know why we came.
It could stop to be a caos someday if we stay and stay to the course.
iKAyodele Apr 2020
For people:
with; Questions...

Times: are
getting; harder.
WalkerZ Apr 2017
Please help those who've
done nothing to sin
Please forgive those who've sin
Please heal the wounds and
broken heart
And those who've lost someone
please help them remember those times they had
together and the feelings the shared
Please help heal his world.
The world gave us shelter from harm maybe it's time to repay the favor.
Today is the day
That we all make a change .
For it is time to rearrange;
Whilst think back to our faith,
And ask god why we're living this way.

Today is the day
That we all come of age;
To come out from our cage
In which lock us up along with our ignorance--
And to start with a clean slate.

For today is the day
That we all re-evaluate.
How we would like our fate;
To travel in this world
Lately filled with hate.

— The End —