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Far May 17
A meteoric crash, his jacket one of bearskin
Thy mind be outcast, even though it is within

Sunshine coated skin, a serene countryside, an emerald beach
Peering out his window, his skin grey, his mouth lacking speech

He looked on, saw the girl of his dreams
She sprinted, for she was not to be seen

Back to his chair he went, for another peer into a virtual world
His heart was cold, he only did what he was told

It was the first time he swayed his gaze!
Despite it being brief, he was amazed

Might his lust have looked another direction and gave way to love?
No, he is incapable of feeling emotions, they've all been absorbed.

A shocked expression on his face, eyes wide, glasses heavy
He was ready to cry, his heartbeat unsteady.

An unpredictable future, one which is rather bleak
Tell me, what's next for this perverted geek?
The internet, and those who reside on it, demonstrating how it has transformed people in the richest way.
Emily Nov 2018
I don't want to make a generalization.
But they've all left me with this realization.
Living through ***** desires.
Thinking the female mind is insufficient.
I'm more than capable to think with my mind and put my feelings aside.
I see past the sweet lies and fake efforts.
I'm tired of these ain't **** type of guys.
The ones that think saying
"I'm not like these other dudes",
will actually make me believe it.
I'm not left broken-hearted,
but this is messing with me mentally.
Leaving me to think that my worth is inordinate.
Mike Essig Jul 2015
She only saw the duplicity
of men and how they treat
they treat their ***** as
both a compass and
a weapon of conquest
and scepters of power.

It didn't occur to her
that they might also
use them to please her
and her, of all the women
in the word) alone.


— The End —