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Gregory K Nelson May 2015
I took of my shoes,
And then I took off my socks.
The driveway hurt under winter white feet, and the pounds I have put on
but the pain spoke of deliverance.
I felt delivered.
Dropped off like a beaten up brown box,
To this place, this time, this driveway, under this sun in this solar system, in this country, at this time.

My feet smelled like creeping death,
But my soul stretched.
God smiled.
The city yawned.
The people marched.
Kitty ate her breakfast.
Grass grew.
Cars glimmered, moved.

I found beer cheap,
And the sun revealed itself as the father of the clouds,
There all along watching.

The highway called me by another man's name,
But I went anyway.

I moved my right foot to the right peddle,
and swung the wheel left.

— The End —