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siejkowski Apr 2
{ back in the.summer - the.heat<waves>.hit(shores)
  they.took(some: amber, from(the: peoples՚.hearts)) }
it՚s.just(a: costal.erosion)

{ then in the.autumn - the.gales.rolled(through: towns) violin, with: all(but: right.sounds)) }
it՚s.just(a: wind.erosion)

{ then in the.winter - the.snow(never: dropped)
  smog.filled(the.void(in: streets, and, in: lungs)) }
it՚s.just(a: chemical.erosion)

{ now in the.spring - the.laughter(is: gone)
  it.feels(like: drowning, though: it՚s(a: drought)) }
it՚s.just(a: flood.erosion)

{ and.there(is: little, left, to: be(carved
  .out.of), the.inselbergs, that: we՚ve.become,
  fires, at: peaks, we.throw(our: fears, into))
  sending(smoke:signals:)(stay.healthy, stay.far) }
A code poem written in programming language called Swift. The words fit the melody of John Lennon’s song “Isolation”, which I encourage you to listen to, it's great. Originally published at
siejkowski Mar 29
we.refuse(to: believe, that: we.donʼt) {

weʼre in love
we.refuse(to: believe, that: weʼre.not)

we.refuse(to: believe, we.shall(pass)) }
you.bring(me, the: oxygen)
I.bring(you, the: coffee)
and { we.keep(refusing)
(to: believe, thereʼs.nothing(to: bring)) }
A code poem written in programming language called Swift. Originally published at

— The End —