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Dre Poetry Sep 2019
I'm Aminah
Ain't a minor though
By age maybe, not by brains
By body maybe, not heart, nor soul
That's I'm not a minor
Call me Aminah

I don't take chances, that are evil
I walk through mine only chance
Setting goals that'll suite my eyes
And that are achievable
That's why I *****
Just call me Aminah.

My presence at a music scene
Ain't a fame driven step
I do that to serve, to save
And to show love to us all
I ***** to paint a great image
Ain't a minor, I'm Aminah.

It doesn't show that I'm beautiful
I'm just because my heart feels clean
I'm because I'm kind and generous
I'm because I serve the society
I'm beautiful of course
That's me, Aminah.

Maybe that's what I was born for,
The big screens in your house wall
Or the one on your tablet huh
Just to excite your heart big
And set a scene of love there
I'm the only one, Aminah.

— The End —