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purple orchid Apr 2014
These eyes of mine
Have seen
Beyond the imaginary lines of being,

A broken heart mend over the written word shared by those whose wisdom has surpassed time,

Beautiful sunsets painted over gray lines by poets who know that you'll never know the true meaning of joy without a little pain paving the way.

I have wandered in the caves of those who dare to etch their souls on paper, and shun their thoughts to wondering eyes,

To give meaning to the lives of many, direction to the gypsey, and a mender for the torn,

Walked more than a mile in shoes of so many to find the quintessence of broken glasses, the epitome of troubled souls, and the essence of being,

Beautiful melodies that soothe the soul through the ears of a deaf man,

The rhythm of a heart in love that sickens the soul, invades the thoughts and leaves every inch of the body longing,

A memory of a love so precious, unforgettable that it's fragrance lingers still from a distant memory,

And when all is lost and plundered,
Your words are like a thread that sews patch after patch across my torn silhouette

It's a pleasure
To have read so many inspiring, beautiful and heartfelt poetry in here.
This goes out to r,Traveler,Kat Rose, Kelly Rose, D. Rose, Pradip C, Nat Lipstadt, Maria, Borrowed, Timothy, mybarefootdrive, Amy, Chalsy Wilder, Shivani (sp), Soul Survivor, Rained on parade, PrttyBird, John Steven, Robert Martin, quinfinn, Liam, Gabriel, Inevitably raised by ducks, TL Sipple, Joe A

And each one of the 180 people who follow me, you're truly inspiring!

— The End —