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Graves beside graves like waves
after waves,
Who fear death
and who fear not,
They have killed
my hopes,hundreds
of them.
Now just are memories,
Those hundred fallen midnights
asking me to survive.
I was silent and the world didn't care,
It's only when you say, they'd hear...
the fluttering of jade green leaves,
the dancing butterflies in wind,
My evenings
spark under your softest wings,
Set on these summer tides,
I don't know where they take me to
but verily
my beginning is your shore alone.
Eve picked the forbidden fruit,
Adam ate it too.
Much to his displeasure, god
vented his anger.

Time fluttered like
like a butterfly from hell.

Satan seduces darkness;
Trying to pull my soul
like thread from
a needle's hole.

It takes a lifetime's virtues,
Forever pending dues,
May he be pleased with one or two
in the deserted worldly hue.

Me finds it hard to make escape
like a butterfly from hell,
Whose will is constantly burned,
What remains are ashes in hell.
Strange enough but once I felt
it poured down from the sky
poured down on me, sliding
through my hair, it dripped
in the joyous company of naught.

It took away my heart
that had dried its every beat,
in a silent shiver due to cold,
my peace dewed me again.

      I realized it's important to fall like rain
to seep into an ocean again.
Did she ever felt all consumed
to her last bits, endurance
following a path leading to a vacuum,
her flesh boils with pain, just enhanced.
she ties her hair up into a bun
climbs the creaky stairs
to read bedtime stories, a typical working woman
where her little girls await.
No matter what, she manages to
survive only for the ones
she foolishly believes are close, may pure
be her heart from any regrets.
dedicated to my mom, a working woman who goes through all but when we need her, she's right beside.
Carry her away like a white soft feather
over emerald green hills, pristine river thither,
where believes me in my dreams that I've seen
seeds of wonderful galaxies in her beneath.
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