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I hold you tight up against my body
I take you with me even to the party

I rub you back and forth
Up and down from south to north

I love the way you sing hard and soft
I just can't keep my hands off

I pull you close
From coast to coast

You are beautifully sound
I will never pass you around

Magnificently perfect
You have all of my respect

You are my best friend
Till the end
Written by: Denise Huddleston
My mother was a writer.
I remember her,
papers spread out upon a bed sheet in the sand,
stacked pebbles protecting her work from the wind
as I made drip-castles at the water's edge
and braided crowns from wild poppies.
I would run to her so she could
rub grape sunscreen into my sandy shoulders
and I asked her once,
is that poetry?”
and she said “No little one,
you are poetry,
this only tries to be.”
and I thanked her,
and ran back to the water
to search for flat stones to skip,
and thought no more of poetry.
To taste the bittersweet nectar of thy lunar lips.
Lie me hope, sing to me the song of the helix.
Proffer me the chance to breach thy bastion,
encompass thee in my love and compassion.
Sanction me to be that one whispering love stories
in thine ear while bathing in the Aurora Borealis
dazzling and clear.
You and I, a rickety tent and a love nothing less of
heaven sent.
In mine heart thou shalt forever remain.
My panzer maid grant me...the fall of rain.
There he sat
on his tamed stallion
overviewing the Ghetto,
seeing the people
shot down like dogs.
The blood spilling
all over the
black and white streets.
The red of innocence runs away,
to hide from the
only to be lost in fire.
The smell of leather
Will never be the same

Brown eyes
Will never be the same

The taste of skin
Will never be the same

The sound of swallowing water
Will never be the same

Elevator doors
Will never be the same

Holding hands
Will never be the same

Will never be the same

Will never be the same

Will never be the same

Will never be the same

Will never be the same

Will never be the same

And all of this is for the better
I have this feeling within,
this feeling will not let me win,
it suffocates my every attempt on progress,
tells me I'll never make it,
and eats me alive.

This feeling,
Has been within me from birth,
and wants to stay till the grave
I'm this feelings slave,
I feel far from brave...

I'm locked up in it's cave,
can't get away,
If I don't want to stay,
It will make me pay...

This feeling,
is a devil in disguise,
this feeling,
is buried deep inside,
this feeling,
will not keep me alive,
this feeling,
has death on it's mind,
this feeling...
is fear

There's nothing I fear more than fear itself
Her chastity has been taken away by ***** eyes
Her virginity has been molested by ***** dogs
No one is ready to listen just her innocent cries
Useless discussions are on in the company of frogs
Justice is on altar just to see the callous attitude
But no one is there to take the sinners to the task
The ***** ones are all around to play like  shrewd
All types of rascals are roaming wearing the mask

Humanity is nowhere animal instinct is at the rise
Chastity and purity is available but just negligible
In this market there are very less who are the wise
In  chaos and ***** atmosphere how to get an angel

Col Muhammad Khalid Khan
Copyright 2016 Golden Glow
Who will
come for us?

Who will
release us?

Snow is falling,
the whiteness
like a blessing,
a chill touches
our skin.

I saw a spider,
black plump,
hanging on a thread
swinging above
her head,
she knew not,
and I said nothing,
but stared.

Who will
release us?

Who come
for us?

She spread
her wings wide,
her fleshy fruit
in season and ripe,
occhi d'angelo.

I partook
of her fruit
and was satiated,
no angels sang,
nor sun burn
brighter nor
burn out,
just someone
down dark
loudly shout.
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