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Seems to be empathic and care for others
Makes one person wrong in the eyes of another.
How's that work when neither is your lover? Jealousy perhaps of nothing in fact.
To express approval, yet not for you?
What made you exclusive?
Your egos mood
To be kind to many is no crime.
To be nasty to one is, I think you will find.
No longer will I bother or show support
To those who take comfort in destroying that cause.
Picture postcard lips and perfect hair, dressed to thrill but only her.
Older than she looks to them, but a heart inside younger still.
It takes longer now to look as good as this and makup steals many years.
No strings no ties she's free tonight to drink and dance till mornings light..
A spirit free to dance all night, till sunrise when her feet catch fire.
Many flit like moths to flame, she has no time for their games.
She dances as though her life depended upon it, with every note limbs extended.
Her eyes closed tight, oh she's not here, you weren't born where she now is.
Morning came and she fled the scene, just a face within their dreams.
She went native and off the path and disappeared, until next time...
I think in all things moderation is a ****!
Who the **** drinks to be sociable or for that matter ***** because its pleasant?
Moderate this!
I can't love.
I can write of it.
I imagine it.
I dream of it.
I cannot do it.
It wasn't taken
It did not leave
I expelled it
I did it myself
There is a wilderness
A desert devoid of all thought
Empty of reason
Abandoned by all but despair
Wanted by no man
And yet close counsel to many
Not here to be controlled
Placed upon earth for more
Written or my friend. Public with her permission
Once upon a yesterday all the trees stood still.
No wind blew between their leaves only silence filled the air.  
No birds sang, no grass grew, on here or the otherside.
It was simply green and motionless, as though frozen in time.
Clocks stopped, no traffics roar, no planes flew overhead.
It was as if time itself had left the earth as well.
There was a sound he strained to hear, was it one or two?
The sound of their beating hearts as her eyes looked at you.
For in that moment time stood still and all around them wained.
The world they had come to know was fading away.
No longer could they live as they had done before.
For once upon a yesterday had now become today, all their thoughts and dreams had gone, as they had now met.
Yesterday now gone, today is at its close and all we yearn is tomorrow, will it be mine and yours?
Tousled hair,  bare footed, wind in her face and sand between toes she runs to the water, doesn't notice it's cold.
Screams with delight as she splashes the waves, clothes drenched not a care.
Castles built and moats filled, then a photo shoot with a massive grin
These are the days I can never forget, a photo to cherish for ever more.
The day we went to the shore.
For my daughter
I walked and walked as Basil played
bouncing towards the rushing waves.
I don't think he had seen the sea and expected to walk upon its sheen.
Such simple pleasure with his stick, his spirit free as he runs to me.
Three days on he has settled now, no sheep to tempt him to run amock.
His coat as white as the driven snow yet fear sometimes is all he shows.
Travellers long since gone, did this lurcher so much harm.
From Ruthin now to seaside town his luck has changed he's found a home.
His foster mum gave him a chance knowing one day I'd come along.
I wonder does he think in Welsh? As he runs in circles as he plays.
Wales it seems doth rule today as a soul seemed to call out to me!
This time a Gypsy of a different kind triggered something in my mind.
I don't know why or maybe I do was it Karma of spirit? Or a simple truth?
For a day swathed with memories made and smiles abound as night closes in.
Tomorrow it may have been a dream, or dawn may bring better things.
Stranger still I can't explain today I just saw good in things.
Good when for so long I'd known was the pain and cruelty that others cause.
Yet in simple words and very few, and a dogs heart I saw through.
I saw a Something I can't explain and I want it now every day.
A bizarre cascade of thoughts and events and a crazy thought that sparked a memory and a need to share. It won't make sense. It probably isn't meant to. But, somehow it really mattered to simply say hi to someone today and share some thoughts. I think they needed some warmth. Wish I could explain better.
The earth has music for those who listen. Shakespeare.
Maybe I was hearing but not listening.
Interwoven through the decades
Like a dream fragmented
Recalling the laughter
Hiding the tears
Small talk, no mention of sorrow
Paths crossed by chance
Yet fused together in a past
Updating the similarities
Glossing over the failures
Not eluding to the passing of love
Love! What of its spoils, it's loss
Now coveting the richness of maybe
The longing for perhaps
To capture a time lost
Then by good grace and fortune
Re start the clock
Like a caravan crossing the desert
To a destination hidden to all but the chosen
Where the weave becomes tied, knotted
The richness of lifes tapestry completed.
The clock stopped.
It didn't wind down or grind to a halt, it simply stopped.
The ticking could be heard by others,
But not by you.
You were simply transfixed by the notion
Her legs crossed, her foot gently playing. Red toenails beneath nylon, her scarlet lips.
You would follow her to hell and back.
Every word spoken a half lie, and yet you, you only heard truth.
Reeled in like a marlin from the ocean, yet to her flotsam on the sargosa sea
Used for a night and alive like never before.
Then at dawn discarded.
To her a play thing like so many others.
To you?
A cruel and unusual punishment.
A short flash type story.
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