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Alaska Young Jan 9
it took--
countless sleepless nights
river of tears; ocean of sadness
dozen of prescribed pills
never-ending cycle of time travel to the memories we shared, half-hoping it'll happen again
years of doubting my worth
"Why you didn't stay?" I asked myself.
And the answer hit me like a thunderstorm stirring in a hot humid afternoon waiting to strike anytime:

"Some people came into our lives not to save us, but to teach us how to save ourselves."
i save myself today
Alaska Young Nov 2019
you started it with a nick
and end it
with a twinge
but it's my overthinking that
tore it apart
and broke my own heart
Alaska Young Oct 2019
i wish
can make
the pain
Alaska Young Sep 2019
i think our biggest problem today
doesn't lie anymore
with not saying what we wanted to say
in listening only to what we wanted to hear
Alaska Young Sep 2019
life is a never ending series of
"I'll figure it out."
Alaska Young Sep 2019
they say they will like you
until the storm within you starts stirring up
and blew them all away

and you were left alone
no one
no one
survived your storm
Alaska Young Aug 2019
i lost count of sheep
on waiting for you to tell me something
i want to hear

i lost track of time
on waiting for you to catch me
in this falling game

but above all

i lost myself
trying to be someone
you want me to be
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