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I want you but I don't want all of you.
I like you but I don't like all of you.
Your flaws; I want to embrace them but they are what I will fail to see.
I would put a canvas on the wall and paint you with only colours that appeal to me.
Unless you give me an opportunity to peal off the layers of your personality.
Discover your depth.
Get to know you from the outside in.
I'm always curious to find out how deep the deep end is.
Now this curiosity has me drowning in water I never learned how to swim in. But you could save me.
You could push me back to the shallow end or
you could teach me how to swim in the waters of you.
You could dismiss me as a stranger or...
You could teach me about what makes you you.
"We're too young for love anyway"
1. Alex's Confession.
2. Unrequited.
3. Let your guard down.
4. Alex & Anita.
5. The Perfect Mistake.
6. Heart Games.
7. Circles.
8. The Truth.
Arms, open but never held.
Hearts, stolen and mistreated.
Poems, written but never read.
Secrets, uncovered but never shared.
Words: thought of but never spoken.
Actions: examined but never taken.
Opportunities, recognized but never exploited.
Discovered but never explored.
I've been searching...
Searching for the feeling that makes me feel alive and on top of the world.
It could be burning and I wouldn't notice as I watch the sun set with you.
Thinking that as long as we have this love we're set for eternity.
An escape from pain and agony.
Is it temporary?
Is it permanent?
We'll never know.
Words are accusations, only
actions serve as proof.
Our hearts are deceitful and
only time tells tales of truth.
Anita is a soulful person.
An optimist, Opulent in the currency of happiness.
They say when you're in love, it shows in every aspect of your being.
A beam shines from your eyes.
In your partner's presence; it seems that joy is the only emotion you're capable of showing.
Your partner: a recurring reason for this feeling.
A smile: the only expression your lips could care to make.

Everyday, Anita would start conversations and exchange stories with random strangers. The stories accumulated until the day's end,
all for the last pair of ears to hear:
The choice to place your heart in the hands of another is a potential form of self-destruction.
An appeal to our desire to be desired... It makes our emotions fluctuate.
Our sense of importance rises while our sensual pleasures are satisfied.
Love can be quite exquisite.
The perfect mistake is to fall into hands that are not only capable of catching you, but also
holding you down after you jump off the cliff of solitude.
We're playing games but the rulebook is missing.
Like the responses to the texts that I'm sending.
Or worse, replying just for replying's sake.
I don't know how much I can take anymore.
I'd rather deal with ignorance that disinterest.
Its a pity that we have to watch our relationship disintegrate until it's only a fraction of the love we felt, left in our hearts.
From strangers, to lovers, back to strangers.
We have a lot of energy.
We drive each other crazy and we run around in circles.
Head over heels, in each other's minds is where we reside.
Sometimes I wish I could toss my emotions aside.
I've been here before, it feels like a phase.
Love is a game and our feelings are a maze.
Just when I think I  have you figured out, you pull a trick from your sleeve and leave me amazed.
Convince me that I  could have the whole cake.
Then you take it away after my first taste.

Somebody told me that real love ages like fine wine.
This must be infatuation so we might as well just stop trying.
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