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Jul 2020 · 31
Mpho Jul 2020
I want to break
your walls down
use the same bricks
to build us a home.
Jul 2020 · 23
Eyes Never Lie, Chico.
Mpho Jul 2020
If eyes could talk
Mine would reveal to you all my secrets
Like how you cross my thoughts,
and stay until my mind feels foreign without you on it.
If eyes could talk, mine would probably say all
the words I want to say but could never tell you
because of a fear, that maybe my fantasies are more fascinating than what reality has in store for us.
Like a mystery box that could entail an undesirable gift.
I would much rather wander in my head.
I sometimes wonder,
perhaps if I do not confess my love, and I wait long enough...
Maybe we would blossom, like flowers planted in a suitable season.
It should never be a reason
to pursue love.
Jun 2020 · 105
Mpho Jun 2020
An abundance of melanin
Adrenaline pumping from
my head to my toes.
The limit to my abilities?
Noone knows.
Calm as a storm but
My potency will bring you to
your knees
If you fail to fulfill my needs.
Kings and queens
with ***** crowns on the pinnacles
of our heads.
Apparently we are a threat
to the feds
because we are

You try to downplay our worth...
As if the sun does not
Step aside every single night
For the black sky and its stars to shine.
Jun 2020 · 306
Mpho Jun 2020
We said
"no strings attached,"
I let you
string me along
and now you have me
wrapped around your fingers.
Mpho May 2020
The darkest hours are
succeeded by
the brightest day.
Even in hard times,
there is light
along the way.
Just follow your heart
and I promise you
will never be
led astray.
May 2020 · 137
Mpho May 2020
"I keep telling you that
I'm pretty
as a reminder
to myself
I'm beautiful, "
she said,
"I wait
for your affirmation.
I need to convince you
so that
I can convince myself
of a truth
I've told so many times that
it's beginning to sound like a lie."
May 2020 · 213
Mpho May 2020
You're only you when it's only you.
Apr 2020 · 645
Express yourself<3.
Mpho Apr 2020
Our minds are filled with dead remnants of unfulfilled forevers...
Broken promises of love which led to broken hearts.
Despite the desolation, we find consolation in creating art,
sharing pieces of ourselves hoping that one day...
One day, loneliness will leave us lonely and good company will take its place.
This poem is inspired by a quote by Jeffrey Janison, "It's important to express yourself so that you don't depress yourself."
Apr 2020 · 268
Mpho Apr 2020
She wears her scars like her favorite pieces of clothing.
Apr 2020 · 463
Mpho Apr 2020
I hope you keep the promises that you make to yourself.
Mpho Apr 2020
Are majestic. A mystical creature I am yet to meet.
Your eyes are endless, beautiful forests that steal the time of whoever dares to look inside
I haven't met you but I know you better than I know any other person in this twisted world.
I twist my ankles falling for females, hoping to find you.
It's crazy how I don't know you but I look for you in every person I see.
Crazy. But I know why.
Our love was a fatal flaw. We ran away from home without food and water but our love kept us sustained. Our hands were puzzle pieces that fit perfectly into one another.
We were inseparable, because there never could have been a Romeo Without Juliet. Or a Bonny without Clyde. Or a Kanye without Kim.
Crazy. Because there could never be an I, without You.
Apr 2020 · 355
Distorted Frequencies.
Mpho Apr 2020
You speak pretty words
but your actions show a distorted reflection.
Pretty lies are merely the echo,
your actions make the real vibrations.
Mpho Apr 2020
You see what we have, you and I...
Is a special kind of something.
The kind to send shivers down my spine when thoughts of you cross my mind.
The kind to give you goosebumps when my hand travels from your chest down to your navel.
A kind of something to make Romeo and Juliet jealous of our poignant gestures.
They're star crossed lovers.
We're true lovers staring at the stars with our fingers crossed,
Hoping that this is a forever kind of something.

— The End —