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DP Younginger May 2018
The girl who catches the eye, like fireflies in the fog,

A majestic mountain, towering over my every thought with clouds of tomorrow,

Fingers like feathers, tickling my heart with a few short strokes,

A smile so free, teeth like ivory keys shining in song, a tongue giving directions,

Unbelievably shadowed by immense rays of fascination, I can't look around her,

So innocent and strong, a face solid with concrete dimples, weighing the world down with her happiness,

Loves me and I her, eyes like sparkling diamonds, hoping that I can be her jeweler, selling my love at half price,

Looks at me with this fierce growl and I stare back with prey-like tendencies,

Is more amazing than a soft winter blizzard, quietly falling over and over again, for me,

First poem written in 2018. Very simple with no edit.
Serafeim Blazej Jun 2017
Havia uma garota, eu a observava de longe
Nós éramos da turma dos invisíveis
Ela não me via, mas eu a enxergava
Havia uma garota e ela era linda
Havia uma garota e ela era tudo
Havia uma garota e então não havia mais nada

Havia uma garota e ela era da turma dos populares
O típico esteriótipo "high school" americano
Havia uma garota e quem ela tinha sido
Havia uma garota e quem ela era
Havia uma garota e ela era vazia
Nós éramos estranhos orbitando o mesmo sistema

Havia uma garota e eu a amava
Então ela mudou
Virou de larva a borboleta
Só que não foi bonito
E então só havia o vazio

Havia uma garota e então não havia mais nada
Em seu lugar só restou uma despedida
Um pedido desesperado de ajuda
Havia uma garota e ela era triste
Havia uma garota e ela era invisível, mesmo sob os holofotes
Havia uma garota e ela era solitária
Nós não éramos ninguém para os outros
Mas eu a enxergava

E então havia um garoto
Que ficou com as últimas palavras dela
Havia alguém que se importava no final
Então havia eu
04/03/2017, adaptação em 30/06/2017
Stephen Leacock Feb 2017
From the Tree of Life
Our Roots have taken
Our Evermore now secure
Of which is no mistaken

From the lifetimes we have lived
Let their connection fall-away
So we live now in good standing
With this and he's coming day

The past no more a memory
The ghosts have been extinguished
The Paradigm has shifted
We're free from all resisted

The morrow is an open door
That poverty's abandoned
And Mother Earth is free once more
From exploitation she's been standin'

Those energies of catastrophe
All returning to the source
To manifest as does the dew
In the springtime of our course

Miracles abide in life
In synchronistic fashion
Present when we're not lookin'
Not like a car that's crashin'

The myths historian sold us
No longer have a grip
The heart-mind of humanity
Has given them all the slip

Now, getting down to Stephen
Leacock is his name
Allow the force that binds his mind
To leave him unrestrained

The agitation that besets him
Is the fear that still remains
In the frequency of despondency
That a frantic World sustains

But in the beginning was the word
As such, the word of God was spoken
Within this metered write-ment
The fear frequency is now broken

The butterflies and bees
Beautiful and productive
The soul of Mother Earth
Happy and inductive.

— The End —