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Stephen Leacock Aug 2019
I saw someone
I thought it was you?
The feeling of life times shared together
The stories that I've read and heard
The lines of karma and things unheard
The life of the hermit
The jungle and the herd
The man that walks the lonely path
The Aztec, the hummingbird
The man who wrote his messages secretly to you
The man who is the nerd
From every ending is a new beginning
The story that is blurred..
Stephen Leacock Aug 2019
Numbers played
Lost and have none
Tears falls into the lake and becomes one
Thunder strikes
Lessons learned
The well of intentions of none
Souls and dreams harvested into the tent of the one
Spined into gold balanced as one
The sliver lining with the wheel from everyone
Activated Authenticated And Run
Manifestation squared of the 3 numbers from the intention of one.
The man teashirt saying like father like son
Lost objects found with the woman like a nun
The message that follows the "home run"  
This read backwards
The sun with eye that brings fortune with the page you have won!
Stephen Leacock Jul 2019
Chaos of thee
3 6 9 that replicates into G
8 Arrows in a spheres that makes a.b.c
Things to be taken with uncertainty
The middle pillar that becomes a beauty
The sun of Heaven is apart of the lines of three
Scalar forces that bends time and adjusts at the third degree
The wind circles the mountain tree
The red tower that holds "we"
Fire risen from the red bird of l.s.d
The Lake that captures the water from the coconut tree
Intentions of thoughts to earth squared into  skeleton keys.
The keys of possibilities  
1 2 3 seen by arrows of a cup tea
Gambled numbers consumed into mustard tree
Synchronic fashion of the tripple three
Thirteen Thirty One authenticated, generated into me.
The master G
Stephen Leacock Mar 2019
Im order,  I'm nothing,  I'm something
Like the seed in the soil that blooms the thorns that creates flower
Im like  fluid
Im direct and passive
Im the father
Im like the 72
Im in the eyes of you!
I absorb, i destroy, i create
Im the form of chaos that creates purification that creates stars
I go by many names
The tao knows me
Im the never ending space
I implode and i explode
Medieval Ages used me to win wars
Solomon conjured my names
Blackmirrors  are gateways to me
The hexagrams speaks my process
My formation is limitless
The observation defines me
Everything returns to me
Im thee .
Stephen Leacock Mar 2019
The King with the Key Locked in his Castel
Fear of his own self knotted by his own thoughts
The lake above heaven to break free
Awareness of his self of the 6 lines of thee
With the number Forty three
Hexagons of Honey bees.
Stephen Leacock Mar 2019
The Ladder for vision to eyes to see
Mazes and tunnels to the mind to achieve
Observation at its course to make things free
Communication with Devine like the tree
Many have climbed many have fallen like the gallery
People as stepping stones to comfort thee
Never Ending steps like hexagons of a bee
Fabricated by the system with Sacred Geometry
Conventional Means that is binded with 3
The Ladder Of Monopoly
Realms of High Sorcery  
The Rules Of the System like a Cup of tea  
The Spoon that bends metaphorically
The mind like the sea with the key
Stephen Leacock Feb 2019
Chess pieces
The number of one to form action
For the presidential elections
Tests conducted to understand its position
Things to be brought into submission
Strategy of kings with glasses
Things played in huge masses
Fear of buttons  onto children
Situations of the system
Survival mind of terror
Domino effect
The Parts of the system errors
Supreme dictatorships
Powered by the battleships
Hands in fields
Eldorado on the leash
Rules to work with
The new government elected
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