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Nov 2018
There is one light
that holds me tight;
embraces my mind,
enchants my days,
cleanses my wounds.

There is one person
That led my soul to me,
My unnoticed words,
My untold thoughts;
Until such scars completely faded.

I have left my barren days,
And risen to the moon,
Hearing the trees pursue the night,
Giving the songbirds what they hope for;
Until they fall in love again.

I have discarded my ragged wings,
And flown fondly to the stars,
Tethered to my heartbreak no more,
Until it only hears me offshore;
Away to an unmarked distance.

My heart, fondly, gazing at thee,
Those soft miracles in thy hazel eyes;
Trying to peruse all things alike
in those powerful shapes
that never fail to speak to me.

Up The Hollywood Hills
Shall we wander, hand in hand;
Treading the floors of bare soil,
At those sweet magnificent hours
Not even a harmless night shall find.

Up above the skies
There are brown beams of sunlight,
All calling out your name,
Ripe in their own cheerfulness,
Rising beyond all our nightmares.

None shall scare me
That you stand by my side,
England is now a distant memory,
A shrinking whisper;
A drained existence of the past.

None touches my heart
with painful grace, nor grief;
A tearful farewell has come;
And you are here,
Being my new love and my poetry.

With your love,
I shall always conquer more.

I love thee.
Written by
Stephanie Cynthia  F
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