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Dec 2019
Emotions stirred me;
Flew into me, burning me;
All that were dark were clear and pure to me
that inevitable day.

And the mere sight of you
Consumed me, tasted to me
Like the stars;
You stole my sanity
and never returned it back.

My tunes, all melt
In the light of the moon;
The light in your eyes
That told me of your tale
and your history.

You, when the skies turned gray;
Welcomed me in felicity
That day, that very day;
You were a friend of daylight
and ecstatic spirits.

You, when March ended,
Made me long for more;
For a sigh of love and desire,
Invite and touch me,
Caress me through your lyrics.

Your moonlight and my poetry;
Tear the skies in haste;
Splitting the universe in two.
Our universe, who knows nothing
about love.

Your verses, and my words;
Expound all songs sweet in the air;
The most serene, yet the farthest;
Almost the hardest
that I cannot yet play.

Your silence, that addresses me
With utter clarity
Touches my heart and my days;
Speaking to me
of these powerful feelings.

Your light, that flows through me
Enchants me throughout the day
and the sordid night;
'Tis cold but all I feel is warmth
when I am in your arms.
Written by
Stephanie Cynthia  F
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