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Squared Off Mar 2015
Thank you for realizing that you are so unworthy
of such a precious piece of gold that you left her.
But *******.
******* for making her insecure.
You were such an infectious waste that all you ever did for her
was tell her that her weight should be a certain number
******* for making her scared to go swimming
because she doesn't want anyone to see her stomach.
******* for leaving scars on her arms
that she feels obligated to wear long sleeve shirts
even when its 85 degrees outside.
******* for not allowing her to love herself
without foundation, mascara, and bronzer
because now she feels the need to get dolled up, just to take a nap.
******* for everything you ever put her through.
I hope to God I ever see you because I guarantee you don't want that to happen.
I cannot express my hatred for you, even though I've never met you.
On the other hand, thank you for making her the delicate little dandelion she is because now she is my dandelion, and I will never abuse her delicacy like you did.
Squared Off Mar 2015
This time I will not apologize
or come crawling back to you
searching for acceptance
because the only thing I should be sorry for
is letting you treat me this way.
  Feb 2015 Squared Off
Caiden Wagner
There are mountains between us
But I'm ready to climb
Squared Off Feb 2015
I cannot promise you that I will mend your broken soul or
make your wildest dreams come true.
I cannot guarantee that I will always say what you want to hear.
I can promise you that I will love you to the best of my abilities.
On days where your fist feels as though it should be through the wall,
I will caress you and kiss you until your skin undoes the red.
When you feel like driving for miles, you know where my house is.
I will try my hardest to make your heart beat so fast,
your breath so quick that your entire body is a symphony
even Mozart himself would envy.
I cannot promise anything except that I will try to be your everything.
Every record breaks but I can guarantee you that I will try my hardest to mend you. Just remember I'm merely a band-aid that is trying to heal a wound and band-aids don't always work.
Squared Off Jan 2015
Nothing boils my blood quite like whenever you ignore my despondency and assume that I don't want to be bothered. I see that as you think I'm strong enough to support myself when in all actuality I need a shoulder to cry on sometimes. You think that I can hold myself together when I really just break down. You're so afraid of fighting for what you want that you reach the point where you let your illiteracy take over and just respond with "okay". When I push you away, you aren't supposed to go...
Squared Off Jan 2015
And then all of a sudden,
He takes me by the hand
And he kisses my red lips
He says
'Baby, you're mine you're mine you're mine'
And I look him in his green eyes,
I let the ash from my cigarette fall
And I tell him
'No baby, I am mine, I am mine, I am mine'
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