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Squared Off Sep 2016
I will never love again
Squared Off May 2016
Nothing can describe
a perfect arrangement of words
that convey a series of thoughts
through eloquent diction and syntax
I love a good poem
that fits the mood I feel so perfectly
because I could not explain it myself  
Poetry also opens windows
to see that others feel the same hurt as you
And that you're not alone ... I think that's my favorite thing about poetry

I'm not alone
Squared Off May 2016
and I swear I didn't mean to
so please do not get mad at me
I went into this with pure intents
only to hang around such as a child at recess
and then return to class and leave the swings alone
leave you alone
now I am hooked
and I know what I've gotten myself into
trust me
I don't mean to love you
I don't mean to constantly think about you
and your family
wondering how school is going
and if you have work today or not...
I fell in love with you on accident
I'm so sorry
Squared Off Apr 2015
I still have doubts and I'm not perfect
I'm going to mess up
Squared Off Apr 2015
I love your room because I've never felt more at home
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