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Sophie Aug 2016
for every song that i've heard
it's all for you, with you and* **** *you.
Sophie Aug 2016
away from others
closed to each other
and brooding together

Sophie Aug 2016
youve clutched my arteries with your similes
i am sinking in deep in the ocean sea
though it's hard to breathe
breathe it anyway
Sophie Aug 2016
it doesnt always take a balloon to **** out your breath away and give you headache
missing *you.
Sophie Jul 2016
how yesterday overwhelmed me--
let's unmeet.
Sophie Jul 2016
why am i seeing so much inhumanity these days
including towards another human being or even towards animals?
its so savage these days
the older you get
the more stupid ******* youll be

come on earthling
stop being such a heartless being.
Sophie Jul 2016
as the talk of nouman
as the write of khaled hosseini
behold such beauties in their wording
I helplessly fall in them
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