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Many women tell me,
the most efficient ways to live this world.
The men, oh the men
they hide their faces,
thoughts hidden under their
faces smeared with years
of fun and no commitment.

What is it that you are saying?
I thought it only stopped the bump
life's bumps happen so unexpectedly...
I never thought I'd be here, aren't I the traveler?
the smart one? The go-getter- laughing usually
now distress clouds
my decision making...
if you or I knew what the pill does,
a little child with a heart beat, personality, physical characteristics
falling now instead of sleeping in a warm cocoon
waiting to be let out as you and I were. But death
happens to us all, yet should we let this happen
to our most innocent ones?
Oh why,
must our memories be a
reconstruction of the past and not
reality to show me that the past, in reality
was not as good as I reconstruct it to be.
Trappist monks singing                                          s
            ­                                                                 ­   t
                                                          ­                 h
Hymns and incense ascending                g
                                    ­                              i
                               ­                              e
to their very                            *h
This weekend I went to Vina, CA to visit the Trappist/Cistercian monks there. We were able to pray with them during their 7 times daily:
3:30 AM Vigils
6:30 AM Lauds, 6:50 AM Mass
9:05 AM Terce
12:15 PM Sext
1:55 PM None
5:45 PM Vespers
7:35 PM Compline

A very wonderful way to spend the Feast of the Body and Blood of Christ! I was able to read the whole New Testament except the Gospels, now on to those!
May God bless you and keep you, and may he let His face shine upon you, and give you peace ~Numbers 6:24
Little moments peeking
behind my facade of searching
amid trees I'm walking
to you I am talking

About long days I am living
these times are calling
to me, though I'm falling
farther from your embrace

do you miss my words?
those things which betray me
who I am though I am trying
to be me for myself and Him

I feel your guidance
though I am falling again
the tension i'm experiencing
is raking my soul

I watch her watching
nature in her perched loveliness
she knows no bounds
but only because she is without
a mind and understanding

rationality and thinking
are nothing to feeling
for it is by feeling I am alive,
though I don't live by feeling
I am one with Him and He with me

I am the bride of His choosing
but I am not worthy
because I am not working
"my output is my worth" I feel
society watching and weighing

me, through these thick blinds
comparing the next person to my
possessions are these possessions mine?
or do they and I belong

to this world I am living in
I am giving in, seeing in
him and her and all of society
a oneness in charity, if only a malady

of death sweeping over
a cooler portion of earth, her
sweeping dimensions encapsulating and
soaking the mind in
wonder, though I often do not see
the passing of time's painful passing I am
perceiving myself perceiving.
Time's painful passing,
longing for your sweet embrace.
You remain absent.
Moments of insight
are like thin clouds opening,
Sun bathing my mind.
Some are beautiful
some are smart, clever, refined..
but you I love most.
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