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May 2016
Little moments peeking
behind my facade of searching
amid trees I'm walking
to you I am talking

About long days I am living
these times are calling
to me, though I'm falling
farther from your embrace

do you miss my words?
those things which betray me
who I am though I am trying
to be me for myself and Him

I feel your guidance
though I am falling again
the tension i'm experiencing
is raking my soul

I watch her watching
nature in her perched loveliness
she knows no bounds
but only because she is without
a mind and understanding

rationality and thinking
are nothing to feeling
for it is by feeling I am alive,
though I don't live by feeling
I am one with Him and He with me

I am the bride of His choosing
but I am not worthy
because I am not working
"my output is my worth" I feel
society watching and weighing

me, through these thick blinds
comparing the next person to my
possessions are these possessions mine?
or do they and I belong

to this world I am living in
I am giving in, seeing in
him and her and all of society
a oneness in charity, if only a malady

of death sweeping over
a cooler portion of earth, her
sweeping dimensions encapsulating and
soaking the mind in
wonder, though I often do not see
the passing of time's painful passing I am
perceiving myself perceiving.
Sophie Monigatti Lake
Written by
Sophie Monigatti Lake  Ohio
       Gideon, ---, Allison, Mack, PoetryJournal and 7 others
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