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( I am Happy to announce the publication of my new poetry book: 108 Bhakti Kisses, The Ecstatic Poetry of a Modern Day Gopi by Sonya Ki Tomlinson available on Amazon
Happy and Holy Holidays

108 bhakti kisses
Courting Your adoring feet
108 Names of God
adorn the temple gates
where I kneel close to
Your precious Feet
108 Crystal mala beads
poised like stars passing
one by one over my fingers
tiny bridges across
an immense and luminous expanse
Infinite frontier
The Soul returning to its Source
offspring of Light
I look to the Heavens
my sustenance
thunderheads, distant mist
solitary black cameo shape
of a bird soaring swiftly
vanishes into
ballooning, billowing
blue wilderness of Your eyes
Hello my Dear Poet friends

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(Dedicated to our dear bhakti friend and kindred spirit
Catherine Jansen)

Catherine dances
around the cremation grounds
with the Nagi, Sadhus of Lord Shiva
skulls and snakes dangling from
their fearsome necks

Her unique eye is able to
behold beauty in the
dreadful and sublime

Cat's heart belongs to Banaras
also known as Varanasi, Kashi
City of Temples and Light
to die in Banaras is considered auspicious
and augers salvation

With Love and Compassion of the
Divine Mother
Catherine showers happy gifts
on orphaned street children
Clutching Barbie dolls and flashing
brand new dental smiles
they dance with her along the Ganges

Catherine dances with an all seeing camera
in her hands
Zooming in
Zooming out
of the sacred, human, transcendental experience
Easter lilies
regal, porcelain goblets of nectar
enthroned on my Kitchen counter
remind me of the Master Jesus'
ascent into Divinity

Pain, torment, gloom of Good Friday
Dark moment when He pleaded with Elohim
to remove the cup of poison from His lips
have passed away

Surrendering His mortal dread,
physical identity
He knew in the nucleus of His being
the Mysterious Truth
we shall alll come to know

Our inherent, indestructible
immortality and divine status

Instead of a crown of thorns
we place on Sweet Jesus' head
A Crown of Lilies
I feel good today
because I am conscious of You
there is nothing clouding my mind
my feet are dancing along the Sathwik path
a crystal mala dangles from my fingers
I drank the elixir of your sweet name
this morning
as did the Blue jays and Catbirds
in the garden
even our kitty cat Rama purrs
Sai Ram… Sai Ram… Sai Ram
My lips adore the sacred feet of Hari
i shower rose petals and sweet blossoms
over the path that leads to
His door

His lovers are as numerous as
the sands of the beach
still He loves them all

I anoint
His feet with my tears
and nectar from my heart
flows unceasing

The holy feet of the Lord
promises to
purify my
negative qualities
and fills the chalice
of my Spirit with
new wine

Only the blessed feet
of my Beloved can carry
me safely, unscathed across the
churning, turbulent ocean

Whither we can rest free
and unencumbered
on the shores
of His everlasting embrace
I am singed by Your brilliance
my hair is on fire
my fingertips emit electric sparks
The thought of Your embrace
sets off fireworks...
Come closer...still
Divine One
An arrow of flowers
has entered my heart
I sip the heady maroon wine
of His love
and dance through the streets
chanting His glorious name
O Beloved
I am drunk on the beauty of
Your Presence
catch me as
I swoon into Your
Eternal Embrace
We made innocent Love
in The deep forest glades
the peacock plumed Lord
embroidered my lips with His smile
and pierced the darkness
with a thousand suns
I am a shining shadow
a sparkling echo
reflecting, following His every move
I have given up the dark poison
of sensuous passion
that grips the enjoyer
like a ravenous
boa constrictor

Free from the serpent's kiss
and the rattle of desire
I prostrate at your holy feet
Divine One  
in clean white linen
I lit a candle for  Diwali
everywhere there are fireworks
and the name of Ram resounds
through the Heavens
O Slayer of demons
the night is dark and obscure
only Your Name
Your Presence can save us
A drop of heaven is in
the ladybug
dainty red damsel
with polka dot umbrella
and black lace fan

a drop of heaven is in
that gorgeous orange creature
fluttering past me

A drop of paradise is in blue jay
his wings the color of
the Bluebonnet sky

A drop of paradise is
in Woody woodpecker
Decked out in his red silk hat
and speckled cape
sawing away...

A drop of heaven is in everything

A spark of heaven is certainly
in you and me
Tonight seemed particularly vast,
Even the Shiva moon drifting
through star enchanted
Western horizon
got swallowed up
by this vastness

David and I
two tiny sillouettes
a lovely stroll along
the deserted, muted,
ebony roads
they also seemed to disappear
into the illumining largeness

I looked at my sleepy hubby
And whispered, "Tat Twam Asi"
"That Thou Art..."

And as if to confirm
this sacred truth...

The Vast Celestial Self
engulfing houses, trees, animals,
solar systems,
our microscopic planet
gazed down at us
with even Vaster Love
Sunset embraces me
with flashing coral yellow
and scarlet arms
I tie open
the flap on my tent
flooding the interior
in warm sultry hues
soon stars and moons
rush in
dancing with
nocturnal shadows
and dreamtime spirits
songs of ancestors
well up from earth’s
mysterious womb
we pass the calumet pipe
and sing our visions
the light holds us aloft
like starry lights
radiant with breath
in goodness we rise
fragile wings
we are loved
every 17 seconds a prayer
gently whispered
can save…
is a lifeline
thrown deep into the
Your kiss hangs suspended
hibernating somewhere
between here and
the Smokies
Indian Winter
rains pelt
the earth
brilliant feathers
woven though my hair
red *** ***
dot on my third eye
I kneel
a Hopi Corn maiden
planting new seeds
hoping for the
harvest of your
I covered your wound
with a piece of my heart
what will it take to
stop the bleeding
here is my love
don’t be afraid

when our lips meet
radiant petals burst open

Drink in the Light
of the sun
Where are You my beloved
Where are You my Lord?

Tropical monsoon rains
pelt my face with a
thousand kisses
I feel You in every drop

Where are you hiding Beloved
Where are You?

Warm winds laden with
fragrance of Your presence
embrace me
You live in every silken caress

Where are You?

Ardor of sun's rays
leaves me breathless
You fan the embers
of my blushing heart
I am shining! I am shining!

Where are You my very breath?

Choir of birds chant Your name
Hari Nam
trees in the forest bend low
cast garlands and fruit
at Your lotus feet
I wander through Paradise with You

Where are you Hari?
Where are You?

"Where is God?
God is in you, with you, in front of you, around you"
- Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba
What a celestial evening
The Violet flame could be seen
exalting the Western horizon
Angel anthems permeate the air
ethereal chariots stream
across apricot yellow skies

David and I ride our bikes
towards the sunset our faces
flushed a radiant purple
These are precious moments
One cannot help but sing
The sheer glory of it all!
You kissed me
in empress purple
of twilight

while my body
hovered like a

between two worlds

sipping nectar
from your lips
Your robes are splendor of Sun
but the light that emanates
from You is even greater!
I place my lips, vermilion petals
on your golden footprints
taste a glimmer of Your radiance
My mind is in a whirlwind
I have lost my way
only the sound of Your flute
can guide me now....
come my Pied Piper
lead me home
When I sing to Hari
I know he hears my rapture
I offer it to him
an ecstatic wine
a chalice of blossoms
for His lips only
I dance in His luminous footsteps
a girl drunk on His love
This world shakes
it's gem studded mane
offers me all it's gold
My eyes are forever fixed on His feet
I dance in His luminous footsteps
a girl drunk on His love
Honey bee thinks
my rainbow umbrella
is a scrumptious flower
with ginormous petals
it blooms rain or shine
while I am seated on the
black wrought iron bench
next to the purple porter ****

his pinstriped black
and amber body
a little too close!
Pink lip stained heavens
a thousand angel kisses
adore Father sky at sunset
His azure arms embrace
Mother Earth and all the
luminescent galaxies
I gaze up with zodiac eyes
my lips trembling
I yearned to touch Your
starry raven feet
my eyes thirsty
for Your darshan
when dreams descend
I fly with gossamer body
a silken shadow in search of You
My heart throbs
Your name
Om Namah Shivaya
all the peaks of Kailash
are melting
with the ardor of my love
Take me away forever
bind me to Your glory
far from the cycle of
death and rebirth
end this miserable separation
Catch my kisses

cherry blossoms cascade
after warm summer rains

You've promised to never
leave my side

catch my kisses

and I'll catch Yours
In native essence of my heart
nectar rises from
depths unknown
unrestrained sweetness
surges like golden lava
an ancient dweller resides
my Lord of honey bees
and the Universe
amrit trickles continuously....
There's a red tinged
Shiva Moon
adorning the night sky
honeycombs drip in
the sweet sultry air
My Lord is close to me tonight
His starry raven robes
cover me with pure enchantment
I am a tender whisper
in His heavenly caress
My lips, ecstatic blossoms
perpetually glued to
Your resplendent feet
have lost their desire for
the vanishing fare of this plane
I long only for the Grace of
Your dulcet touch
Alas! I have taken another birth
And lost the blissful opportunity
to dwell with You eternally
Divine Charioteer
Take command of my
galloping senses
wayward mind, unruly disposition

Fly fast and sure Heavenward
In the celestial Palace of my Lord
Refined, pure and chastened
The open flower of my heart
will be His pillow
my joyful kisses
His sweet ambrosia
The luminous one has come
He has left me dazzled, senseless
starstruck wandering
in a pool of light
singing His name
How luminous are His eyes
I'm caught in a star storm
in a blizzard of suns
when we gaze together
I cross a bridge of light

into His dazzling presence
Hari Om
He has placed a
*** of nectar near my lips
and a diamond in my third eye
I hold fast to his sapphire feet
and find myself
floating in the center
of a jeweled lotus
Wedded to the silence
in deep aloneness
with You
my breath smiles
Swami Krishna's eyes flashed
lightning bolts illumining his round, brahmin
raincloud colored face.

Igniting logs in the huge fire pit
for our ancestral puja
he chanted ancient vedic hymns,
it was a beautiful offering on
this venerable Sunday morning.

Rites for remembering ancestors
is a tradition in many cultures,
not so much in the west.

Swami Krishna elaborated on its
We thank them for the good,
for laying the groundwork and support of
our lineage.

We remember them with
love and gratitude,
he stated, wrapping the yellow and red
priestly shawl closer to his body.

Strong, musky, acrid, odor of wood burning
stung our nostrils
one by one, ritualistically we added
ghee, incense sticks, flowers, herbs
and rice to the auspicious serpentine

I could sense my mother near
spicy whiff of curry and channel no. 5
mixing with clouds of smoke

A secret door slowly opened in the heavens
as a procession of ghostly relatives
took their place around the blazing havan

It was almost high noon
and Surya, the Sun God
halted His brilliant chariot
driven by 7 rainbow hued horses

Hovering mid-air over our holy gathering
He raised His Golden Hands in Blessing
I'm really trying
to grow old gracefully
People say things to me like,
"Getting old *****"
"Growing old ain't for sissies"

I look at the stately, elderly pin oak
in my backyard
strong, stout, knotty brown trunk
weathering Florida hurricanes
and lightning zaps
willowy, winding branches,
leafy emerald arms ever embracing us with
the O2 kisses we need to survive

Dashing Sir Oak tree
Playful, Surfer Palm
Lovely Magnolia
I'll grow old with you...

with breath you found me
wandering, wading along the
turquoise silver shoreline
of your eyes

as if in a dream developing
at high tide
the amazon cobalt thighs
of the ocean moans your name
gushing, churning up sea foam
and glistening sand

tows us out to vastness
no land beneath our feet
nothing to hold on to
not even each other
David flew into my bedroom
light blue eyes flashing excitement

"Sonya ki," he gushed

"We are now the proud parents
of a newborn baby pineapple!"

For two years David fathered
and diligently nurtured the
pineapple cutting from
the Yoga ashram

Cooing, lullabying,
coaxing, fertilizing

I threw on my sandals
and dashed into the
bucolic nursery

There peeking up at us
it's amber pink body
swaddled in spiky
was our own little
darling pineapple
O Baba!
Your healing breezes
rustle through the palm fronds
In our front yard
I breathe them in
and my wings flutter
gossamer feathers
under your soft caress
a song stirs
and the sun rises
in my *****
I dance through a
field of stars
shimmering on the ground
Your name
eternally on my lips
I'm serenading God
perpetually these days
language arising from
the roseate lips of the heart
a flurry of sacred sounds
borne on a chiffon breeze
to His celestial ears
no space left
not even a breath
for anything less than
I spread a wool blanket
over a blanket of grass
and made room for you

We gaze up at the lake of lights
shimmering above us

Is any star in the heavens
more beautiful
than the other?
Tenderly, I kiss my mala beads
crystal spheres of Light
echoing, radiating, reflecting
the myriad prayers imbuing
each solar gem
a starry umbilical cord connecting
me to You
Beloved Father

In this spacious network
all Your children
every bit of life
unfurl their arms
like Tibetan prayer flags
unlock tight, thorny
forlorn fists

Hearts unchained
reach out for the purest Love...
Morning Star splendor
Dearest Mother, Father, intimate Friend
clasp us to Your vast *****
comfort us along this hard and rocky
journey home
The petals of a rose
are a soft kiss from God

Droplets of rapture
dark honey
fall quietly

Inside suffering and joy
behold so much beauty
we emerge from our pain
amidst love's first blush

Skintight, crushed crepe
buds unfold
tiny white tombs crinkle open
cashmere flutter of a billion butterflies
kiss the sky, kiss the day, kiss the universe

We pause in the expanding bliss and ananda
falling deeper and deeper in Love
The passions of my youth
have subsided

Like rivers flowing
towards an iron karmic sea

Chastened, clarified, sublimated, channeled
into the Ocean of Nectar

I am baptized in
Your Holy Sweetness

Reborn in Your
Pure Ambrosial Love
A splash of egrets across the blue jay sky
complements my morning tea
Impish squirrels chase their furry tails
Our neighborhood armadillo
mosaic patterns glittering on
his prehistoric armor
trudges nonchalantly across the street
Smiling I curl up on the black wrought iron
bench and
The day moon drift
In an opal canoe
over a sea of clouds
Florida's Autumn sunset paints the horizon
with colors almost as spectacular
if not equal to the Fall hues
of a New York landscape:

Royal foliage draped in rich amber,
yellow ochre, jeweled garnet,
rust, and calico maple orange
form an imperial procession
down 5th avenue across
Central Park and through the
metropolitan streets
eventually spreading into the
rustic countryside
of upstate New York

Around this time of year
when gold and cranberry mums
crown the local southern markets
and gardens
my heart turns northward to my

Flamboyant deciduous trees
shed their brilliant leaves
creating a palette of color that
would rival an artist's canvas

I can feel the hint of winter and Christmas
in the brusque breeze roughly brushing
my face crimson

Spicy scents of cinnamon, nutmeg and ginger
from Mom's fresh baked apple pie
brings tears to my eyes
a little black girl in pigtails and pink frock
licking her fingers and the plate clean
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