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Teresa Kay Dockery
Ohio    Write it down, get it out, move on.
Esmé van Aerden
Seattle    oh well
The wind is rising / We must try to live
Daniel Kenneth
Boston    "I wish I could say this was a story about how I got on the bus a boy and got off a man more cynical, ...
Become less. Soli Deo Gloria.
Matthew Walker
I'm just a boy with too many thoughts.
Michaela B
Dean Eastmond
Weymouth    English Language and Linguistics student at University of Birmingham. Inspired by Ginsberg, Plath, Murakami and Kerouac. Aspiring "one day" and hopeful "could be". I write ...
She had his favourite songs and poems in her head—and in her chest, somehow.
Madisen Kuhn
25/Cisgender Female/Charlottesville, VA    @madisenkuhn | | author of eighteen years + please don't go before i get better + almost home

— The End —