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Michaela B Apr 2015
There is so much darkness around me, and for a long time that was all could see.  But ever so slowly, light began to trickle in.  The flash of your smile, the warmness in your  voice, the emotion in your eyes -- it was all light  to me.

It's been eight months since I met you, and the  darkness is fading into the horizon. You ignited a light inside of me that is now a  bright flame, and it has taken me this long to realize that I was a light in the darkness all along.
Michaela B Dec 2014
Winter is colder without you. Your hands used to keep my fingers warm and my heart happy. I try so hard not to miss you, but now it's 24 degrees and my hands are so cold and I wish you were here.
To someone I lost
Michaela B Nov 2014
The wonder in your eyes could illuminate all the dying stars in the sky. I've never met anyone who could play music like you do -- you've got a knack for talents I can only dream of having.
I hear a symphony of world-class musicians when you sing, and see the patient sunsets when you smile.
Your hugs make me feel hope inside my heart. Your hands make me feel a kind of happiness that lasts for hours.
I love you, but I have to let you go for now. My dreams are filled with futures of you, but I have to let myself see the possibility of futures without you.
I cannot let myself say the goodbye I know I need to move on from you. You don't have to know that I am letting you go. I'm not going to tell you.
Michaela B Sep 2014
I don't know how this
cycle of anxiety
took over my life.
Michaela B Sep 2014
sing me the song of your sadness
and i will harmonize,
taking your pain
and making it beautiful.
Michaela B Sep 2014
Hold on tight,
don't let go.
I don't want my fears to show.
Just shut your eyes
and breathe slow;
pretend everything is alright.
Michaela B Sep 2014
I am a glacier:
icy white and light blue,
the color of frostbitten lips in the winter.
You can only see the best of me,
because I hide most everything
beneath the surface.
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