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  Apr 2015 Sombre
Today I took my boyfriend
to apply for jobs,
and while he huddled over
his phone,
tediously filling out his full name
and other important info
about 18 times,
I read.
We were sitting in my car
at the park,
the wind was blowing too cold,
so I didn't get out.
I was glad to see that there
wasn't another person anywhere.
I was happy to be with
  Apr 2015 Sombre
Haydn Swan
Fucktrums and tantrums,  
it's all the same,  
nerve endings twitching,
oscillating to the sound of your favourite medication
is the doctor in the house ?  
we cannot tell
damaged goods sent to wrong addresses,  
dancing with spectres in the shadows of dissolution
my messiah will come,
he will bring the black horses and they will take my soul.
  Apr 2015 Sombre
Haydn Swan
Ever seen the darkness shake ?
like the serpentine spine of a blood red snake
vibrations sent to the core of your soul,
burning your mind like simmering coal,
clamber for the light in your claustrophobic space
the demons in the shadows know your face
the tears wont fall just stay in your eyes
whilst all around you everything dies
dance the macabre its the only way
whirling dervish no time to pray
the ancient rhythms too much to resist
it eats you away like a cancerous cyst.
An exploration into the dark world of depression,  something the writer is all too familiar with.
  Apr 2015 Sombre
Haydn Swan
Thoughts touching on a tantric level,
pleasures unfold,
caught in a moonbeam,
ships that drift into a nonchalant harbour of desire,
casting long shadows over a rippling sea,  
like a soul caught out of the body,
longing for freedom yet cannot be cast adrift,
circling these incumbent yearnings are the great birds of reason,
awaiting to taste the spoils of our misdemeanors,
yet within this paradox we float on ebony streams of cerebral bliss.
  Apr 2015 Sombre
one more glass of wine
just to get past the passing time
I am first to be the last in line
I fill up this glass of mine
  Apr 2015 Sombre
Haydn Swan
As harrowing as it might be
go hang your thoughts from a tree
the old gnarled bark remembers well
the days of light as the darkness fell
its twisted roots are buried deep
like comforting arms as we sleep
up above its branches sway
within its shadows we do pray
leaf's like tears fall to the ground
memories of the lost and found
we see it all through crimson skies
the tainted visions and all the lies
but if your soul seeks to be free
go hang it all from a tree.
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