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Sofia Von Feb 2015
Mouth to pipe
smoke it right
fire to light this night
twist the bubble fur trouble and
try not to humble your hubble
while you stumble
cuz you tryna **** with the rough and tumble
Sofia Von Feb 2015
Perfect awkwardness
makes me laugh
then cry
or was it the other way around?
Sofia Von Feb 2015
Normal people
normal boxes
normal lives
the little foxes
a short lil tid bit ta twist your brains
Sofia Von Oct 2014
Evangelical butterflies
purchase time to fly
their minds curve ball at the human race
for petty ideals lame of path,
save disaster

Drugs mellow and hype the sky; old burnout dun aged
and with feverous tremors flickers its scopic windpipe and dares
its arteries to burst
Some of us
Don't turn back to look the other way

Past's gravity propels off beat feet
rooted in the grit of grief and mich-matched silks
spewing dislodged disco *****
All at once
manic with aphrodisiacal aspirations you now know
another chance to take along the way
Pic-pockited, you gain no tangible trophy
But a gambled heart wins the lottery...
and a side of salted pain

Admiral protagonists seize the remote and chase
the impossibles to the frayed frames of the earth
Worth your while
are the delinquencies,
on the rocks arguments,
and perhaps a billion setting suns to share with your son's
untainted pool of innocence
To what end
Would you call a failure?
Kinda ******... but it was fun to write!
Sofia Von Jul 2014
Bewitched in the bass
Too much tail ta chase
Say he like tha way i slurp, no straw
Just Raw, Joint-click-lighter-flick
herb's tha word
mums out for the night slammin her beau just like the dough
to my room,
pop a shroom in Cancún
**** the doom of that mother ****** test.
due in a few
This ***** slew molly be on me
Pop an ollie
flip the switch bae
lets ditch this day and ****
like its flowin poetry SLAM
thighs thunder for dat lightning ****.
Imma bring that **** back.

We've seized this moment by storm
Now Lets tear the walls down
This land is our land
Now let your freedom flag fly
Lets get higher than the sky
And cry cuz nothing tastes like forever

Baby's powder makes the urking voice louder to DO SOMETHING instead of this hollow nothing
I stuff with stories and dress in Lubriderm
Cuz that ***** soft, baked
this cake ain't delicious
Sofia Von Jul 2014
Suicidal serial killer bashes the bones hoping to feel nothing
because that would be something
A Swelling self-image pops in the distance
is chewed,
then inflated over and over
this routine never fails to cycle, disappoint, and please
Ethanol injections cuz oral doesn't do ****
give it to me *******
***** I'll munch your muffin just fo nuthin like I'm ****** with y'all
Cuz I surf to fall and smoke to die
In the high where life is inconsequential
to question and I feel less than short
Of supernatural

Who are these new kids?
They dress in tights and pick fights
I can't see your face but I trust the feeling
Damsel's are rescued
blood is spewed
Yet insanity is gushing
The drugs are running out
We might just be super
We might just be heroes

Entropy enters me ripping the glamour and with a stammer I know
This isn't a comic book
In awe at these elaborately induced fabrications
and schemes to change the pecking order or chisel
the universe to perfection

The line of schizophrenic and degenerate flees
for the hills
that now have eyes
Sofia Von Jul 2014
Cigarette smoke
Wheels no spokes
Board rollin down alleys
Late night skate
Let me escape
The life I never planned

Never on time
You best lower your expectations

Snortin molly in the bathroom
Chuggin ***** in the hall
I could be anywhere at all
But I’d still crawl
back to the clutches of dependence
I forfeited life's race in the first lap
Yet I'm still trapped
Coughing up blood
I strive for nothing

I don't want to feel
I long to be free
From society
Our culture has maxed out
So now everyone wants to shout
for help because what the world wants
Is unrealistic
We try to overdose
And become comatose
To drop all worries of material success
Stacks on stacks on stacks
Racks on racks on racks
We forget
its just paper
Not what defines us

The rest is up to the people
To rise about the atmosphere
Of atoms and mold supportive molecules from the elements we're presented
Not corrected like a sent typo
To your mom
Or boss
Is unattainable
Fathom the slack of a slacker
Loosen your ropes
And walk the plank
With no hopes of disaster nor triumph
To just be
I wouldn't say this is old but it's from a good set of months ago.
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