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30.3k · Jul 2014
Summer Heat Summer Sweet
Sofia Von Jul 2014
Summer heat summer sweet
With a wealthy nature, rich pheromones erupt
Birds n tha bees escape the trees
Please don't plant your seeds
But throw the leaves
Up n up
To get down and drop
Where the dirt pops
Ken keseys ashes
Edible umbrellas turn rainy days on their head spinning pupils wide void of discontentment
Fairies fly off clouds and stars fall at day
Impossible, feelings are blown in and out of proportion to fit a screen thats too small
Tough love
Tough life
Slick surface don't let me fall off the boat as it rocks
Swisher wraps over the curves
Got me feelin lucky like a charm
Cheef all day got me smellin dank as a Rastafarian Only stoppin to sip my Captain Morgans moonshine
Till we hit the caribbean
Then Jack's got me headin for tides end
Flush the bile outta your system
And spiral out of controls iron hand
**** responsibility, Apathy rules all.

Paper crane ******* get all superficial but yellow bones make my brain go fuzzy in smokey ***
In n out, fast n slow
Nicotine dominates
My senses are lost at Molly
That ***** finger ****** my life
Made me *** every time
This unhealthy relation in action doesn't phase me yet, I'm too young to think that far
I mean
What do you expect?
A Teens crowded perceptions can be judged like a bums intentions.
Peace my brotha
Dandy danny says theres a way out
-side with the rap culture
Shots of rebellion pour through the cracks we each fill
The glass
Is too cracked to be see-through

West coast vibes kick back lax attitude I carry on my shoulders
Forever green is my state
Wash that **** off your lawn crack *** haters I'll spray paint your ***
Equality's the goal
**** race
**** sexuality
I see soul
Open up
Show me your beat
I'll count bars as we spit elicited slurs drizzled to drops leaving the cops to stop us
Obeyin the brand
10.5k · Jun 2013
Sofia Von Jun 2013
All we really want is to make our mark

Getting caught up in the what and the how
We loose track of our ground, our feet
That have been in motion since breath
And there we’ve already begun
And left remains

Our desire for remembrance clouds
Our ability to pulse in the zone
We currently inhabit

Like animals we compete
To find the best of the best and the rest aren’t important?

The dew of the new is just as fresh as the old ones tale revived
on a cold night but
by the summer sun
I am scorched
By each,
Sofia Von Aug 2012
Its all just words
No faces
No looks, no clothes, no smell
A simple connection

It could have been anybody

But it wasn’t

It started off as a hobbie
Something to keep boredom at bay

By now you’re junior olympics... At least

It can be as flawless as beach glass

Or jagged
and farspread like the trees still dieing

I never know what to expect
An idea
... Clearly I could continue

It’s like my little escape hole
A therapist that Actually understands and wants to
We just click
Alined by the sun
Some would say

But I dunno if that’s true
All I know is what I feel

Should I not feel what I feel?
Do I feel what I feel?
Is what I feel real?
Or is it fake

Is it a lie?

Or should I make it one

I don’t know what’s best
How can I

I’m new at this remember

All I know is the words of the known
Who are unknown to me in one world
And an empty chair in the next

I sit down and wait patiently

Until its finally my turn, here is where I’ll sit

There is no shame finding comfort in the little things the chair offers
Its smooth silky surface
The wine stain down the middle
the dots that resemble a smile in the corner

You don’t forget what you know so well
You open up your palm

A baby snake inside

He doesn't take it
He doesn't **** it on the spot
He doesn't grimace with disgust
He doesn't burst out in laughter

He picks it up
and cradles it in his hands

And sets it free

Back into the world where it belongs

And then he gives you a dalia

You take it and tuck it behind his ear as something to be admired

He blushes

He needs you too

But its real
Almost too real

So you push it away
It’s impossible
It might not even be close to what you think it might be


And stay silent


We start again

A haha here
A smiley face too

Climbing up the uncertain mountain that has never been climbed before

The chance of falling high
But you like the chase

And for now
Its enough

You don’t really care if you summit anyway

A possible when
always dangling
Inside the clouds
8.7k · Jan 2014
Unedited, 1:04am.
Sofia Von Jan 2014
Nothings how it looks in fact, maybe the opposite
People say I'm energetic
When I'm fighting for consciousness
Downed NyQuil to solve my imperfections
Took Benadryl to sleep
Drugs make chatter over the back and forth banter of boredom
And action
A trip to the hospital
Affects the people to care for a minute
Hallucinogens fade, but this music it stays
No 3G left **** it lets sing
Words slurred
eyes red
I don't give a ****, spread love
And tears of joy
The ones that run over the face of a baby boy
Mama's proud
Baby you're so smart!
You're gonna be so successful!
Yeah I remember those days
Now its nicotine sticks on my lips and E's for my mom to brag about
They think I'm lost
Am I?
Testing to be done
Society approved pills to pop
And a letter from my aunt
Words spread like dye in water
I've dropped
Down from the heaven of the early years
Lucifer can maneuver his way around the city unnoticed
A spy who tells lies to himself and greets the people as equal
Human again
I'd like to be

All I want to do is live!
But a life's money, family, and a plan
Floaters get flushed
Couch potatoes get crushed
Lazy *****
They just get fat
Like these joints everybody wants to roll
**** is for beginners but what happens to the pros?
No trophy for the taking
No stack of gold
Just a massive headache
And dependence
Diet coke doesn't count

My sis puts her heart on her sleeve
I don't even think I have one
No wait it's up my ***
**** me good **** me long
That only love is what turns me on
If not
Keep out
Of my head
Switch, light
Too ******* bright to illuminate
these white walls I'm hired to paint
24hrs, 365 days a year, until the day it’s complete
Births time from time

Cuts wrists to elbow
Show how mellow
I can be
Let me cope
Every days a new day
Born today die tomorrow
Next day
Wake up
Look in the mirror and decide
what you'd like to see
8.5k · Sep 2013
In the truck on my way home
Sofia Von Sep 2013
Endorphin showers for hours
Crash my waves of sorrow and bring me muscles to shine on the world viewed as imperfect.
Its the happiness I never want to leave but it drifts,
its white cloud up and up,
Contact high as it passes my friends I want to share
To care for you all
Vibe in this opposite of ominous
parade bound for cheer, without beer just extracted hormones.
I’ll twirl you like a pencil
yet gay, for a day, where I can make someone
6.5k · Oct 2013
Keep spinning
Sofia Von Oct 2013
Strangers are my best friends
Even feelings are for even people... Know anyone who matches that description?
I'd like to cuddle away the problems
**** someone while crying
I don't think so
I want to be felt and loved. And craved like fluent chocolate gushing
Down the corners of my mouth
Lapped up by your tongue
I wish

Scratched letters over a blank canvas
Make for messages of clarity.
Nails on a chalk board every time you etch, but its the promise of the next word that makes it tolerable.
These pick-up-stick letters are angry and depressed but fit together like bread on butter. creamy song lyrics you scribble but there’s no tune.
An obstacle foreseen and ignored.
The rhythm of voice catches, flame to syncopation, and feebly you grow with your words to become the song

Sung now, in churches
Do they realize from whence their hymns originated? Deep down, long ago, in the valley of hidden emotional pangs
Your envy was too rich for your body
Yet big enough for this... congregational ritual.
Heart tears are beautiful for creation
To existence
They're treacherous

I smile and admire my work
Blow a smoke ring over the wet words not quite solidified on the page
Better with a flaw
I don't smoke
Im a social stress smoker
Self diagnosed
Self medicated
So you see I'm an aspiring artist
Although most of my works are ****, I don't really give up.
Its just this part of me I can’t always explain
That happens
They’re my impulse of choice
A painting, a drawing, a poem, a song, dance, all music (save country).
Even little quick thoughts or plans I have are peaceful to record.
It's times like this night where I should really be fast in my REM cycle, dreaming of crazy scenarios to **** up and uncover a truth upon my waking.
But I'm on my notes
Typing away the babble of nonsense thats streaming on demand
I'll exit with a line
Or so, I'm not sure
Breathe in the plant, puff out love hits and over expose the motion picture. Each passing present memory is precious to the cycle I don't really want to define.
But I'm in love with its inhabitants I can't get over them
And each day is another episode
But... Is this a sitcom, or a documentary?
These words, are time filled

Cold feet shouldn't be a thing.
6.0k · Jul 2014
Suicidal Serial Killer
Sofia Von Jul 2014
Suicidal serial killer bashes the bones hoping to feel nothing
because that would be something
A Swelling self-image pops in the distance
is chewed,
then inflated over and over
this routine never fails to cycle, disappoint, and please
Ethanol injections cuz oral doesn't do ****
give it to me *******
***** I'll munch your muffin just fo nuthin like I'm ****** with y'all
Cuz I surf to fall and smoke to die
In the high where life is inconsequential
to question and I feel less than short
Of supernatural

Who are these new kids?
They dress in tights and pick fights
I can't see your face but I trust the feeling
Damsel's are rescued
blood is spewed
Yet insanity is gushing
The drugs are running out
We might just be super
We might just be heroes

Entropy enters me ripping the glamour and with a stammer I know
This isn't a comic book
In awe at these elaborately induced fabrications
and schemes to change the pecking order or chisel
the universe to perfection

The line of schizophrenic and degenerate flees
for the hills
that now have eyes
5.9k · Sep 2012
Tears of torn emotion
Sofia Von Sep 2012
You’re lost
I can’t find you anywhere
I listen for the sound of your foot steps
Your breath


Its getting late
I'm perspiring
I'm hoping you’ll be strong

Strong like how I am
Or maybe how I want to be

But you’re not
You know you’re not
You probably wouldn’t stand a chance

I run

Hiding in the bushes as the bright lights shine

I’m a crminal, I’m a criminal, I’m a criminal

I hear a rustle
I hear a squeel
Frozen muscles
Is it you?
Im sprinting now
Home, home were you’ll be I know it
It has to be
I’m not worried everything’s fine

I don’t care who sees me now

I'll **** them up

I'm on a mission
I've gotta save her
I've gotta prove I'm fretting over nothing
Which is worse than fretting over something

Stomp stomp creek
Warm air
Familiar smell
No sound

I walk to the bathroom
It's nothing

To her
5.8k · Jul 2014
Track 1
Sofia Von Jul 2014
So tired yet so awake
I sit at the edge of an ellipsis
crimping the charred innards of my tattered soul
to make a masterpiece of gore
and internal war.
over the years of self loathing
I finally love myself
but getting ****** up feels ****** perfect
and watching this world unfold anew with each hit
or shot
rocks my mind
unkind but exemplary in it's own fortitude
to prevail my own veils
aside they're cast and fumbled with
as thick smiles seed
and the pace is set for the evening
I can't help but think that leaving
could do me good
but who backs out before the last shot?
who leaves before the deafening toll of midnight?
Cinderella's umbrella of security
and purity
is at jeopardy
and with great haste she wastes away the good looks
for late night *****
and nicotine
forgetting to clean
her closet of supreme validity on
the functioning teen
trying not to be mean,
but completely obscene in gestures
with the barbie's manufacturers groping for caspers
in the utopian disasters of the girl they forged
many decades back, but lost track
of the track that played that summer night
in the moonlight of immaculate humor and love
above all the oozing essence that manifested
now tested, for virtual ******
your cerebellum will tellem the positive
that we all know is hooked on the days drift wood with
byzantine benzodiazapines to guide her haunted spirit
the cracks turn to crevasses and prehistoric protons mate with electrons
in the vat that is abrewing to plot the lies
watch the skies fade to grey as it may
be about time for the ecliptic rhymes to find
in the bladed grains of mortality and sigh
for being high in this lowered juncture
of subsisting future
buys you time to mull over such a daydream
as your last breath
5.5k · Jul 2014
I climbed a tree
Sofia Von Jul 2014
I climbed a tree to see the world....
Well that and get high where the world looks gardened
and glows brighter
as it is demolished and replenished
These elements in nature,
manipulated in a lab,
Can change our entire perspective
quick thoughts!
5.0k · Jul 2014
Its just paper.
Sofia Von Jul 2014
Cigarette smoke
Wheels no spokes
Board rollin down alleys
Late night skate
Let me escape
The life I never planned

Never on time
You best lower your expectations

Snortin molly in the bathroom
Chuggin ***** in the hall
I could be anywhere at all
But I’d still crawl
back to the clutches of dependence
I forfeited life's race in the first lap
Yet I'm still trapped
Coughing up blood
I strive for nothing

I don't want to feel
I long to be free
From society
Our culture has maxed out
So now everyone wants to shout
for help because what the world wants
Is unrealistic
We try to overdose
And become comatose
To drop all worries of material success
Stacks on stacks on stacks
Racks on racks on racks
We forget
its just paper
Not what defines us

The rest is up to the people
To rise about the atmosphere
Of atoms and mold supportive molecules from the elements we're presented
Not corrected like a sent typo
To your mom
Or boss
Is unattainable
Fathom the slack of a slacker
Loosen your ropes
And walk the plank
With no hopes of disaster nor triumph
To just be
I wouldn't say this is old but it's from a good set of months ago.
4.3k · Dec 2011
the unspoken
Sofia Von Dec 2011
the laughing ***** shrieks on
a masculine bellow till dawn

the young girl fades
into the paint
to find a way out, before she faints

the almighty angel
is shot from the sky

she has alined with satin
the unbreakable tie

the blanket sits
crumpled up in a lap

shared with the many
and yet no claps

they all sit staring
at one another

the tension’s high
yet they all are brothers

they pretend to not care
it's what they know

but beneath all that
you feel it show

a tattoo of sarcasm
ripping them open,
from the inside out
so they can't keep quiet
they always shout

no one knows the scars it makes
no one wants to, they'd cry lakes

so the young girl sits
repeated back by the mirrors

she knows a secret,
and yet she fears

that if they knew,
she'd be gone

and still she whispers it
to herself
and tucks it away,
or puts it on the shelf

the single truth in the bag of lies

unnoticeably simple,
the surrounding eyes

it's just the cast away

the rotten apple

she's aflame with the pupils of loathing.
4.2k · Dec 2011
Sofia Von Dec 2011
Hidden from the burden of conversation, you graze your toe across a rock
-- slice.

Pain, creeping  
wrapping its hot oils up your calf
it hurts more

no one wants to share

who understands?
don't be silly!
you’re on your own now
no one will be calling your name

So desperate

for a box you search
to hide your grief, happiness, and doubts in

some are presented with one
a carved handmade one
with gold outlines
who knows how they got one

the unlucky stumble upon the rich boxes of others
smothering them with inpatient finger prints of hope
but why
why they plead
in their constant prayers

why must they have the ***** leftovers
the cups recycled
used in a previous place for ***** samples

too small even for three people

they clean it and make due
what else can they do

that’s what

But. Why?
are they not worthy?
already fortunate?

I guess that works

and most are happy with it
see it around them
everybody has a *** cup

but what happens when everyone gets lucky?

You hide Envy?

no ignorant ones

3.3k · Jul 2014
A Piece of Cake
Sofia Von Jul 2014
Bewitched in the bass
Too much tail ta chase
Say he like tha way i slurp, no straw
Just Raw, Joint-click-lighter-flick
herb's tha word
mums out for the night slammin her beau just like the dough
to my room,
pop a shroom in Cancún
**** the doom of that mother ****** test.
due in a few
This ***** slew molly be on me
Pop an ollie
flip the switch bae
lets ditch this day and ****
like its flowin poetry SLAM
thighs thunder for dat lightning ****.
Imma bring that **** back.

We've seized this moment by storm
Now Lets tear the walls down
This land is our land
Now let your freedom flag fly
Lets get higher than the sky
And cry cuz nothing tastes like forever

Baby's powder makes the urking voice louder to DO SOMETHING instead of this hollow nothing
I stuff with stories and dress in Lubriderm
Cuz that ***** soft, baked
this cake ain't delicious
3.1k · Feb 2013
Donut boy
Sofia Von Feb 2013
You're making me cry and I've only just met you

I hate you already

you're too nice
you're too beautiful
you're too funny

you're too perfect

for words

yet I keep wasting them on you

I want to not want you

but I do

I want to kiss you
all over

in your house

in my house

in public

in private

I want to peek at chu from afar
and drink you in when were up close

you smell so good

so so delicious

I could eat you for breakfast

I could sleep in your bed and make you hot cocoa

we could be afraid together

we could laugh and laugh

and laugh

I'm so awkward and
are too weird for words

you make no sense

we make no sense

I don't even know you

you don't know the real me

not yet

but you might if you keep this up

this act

it's so convincing

I want to believe you

in all of you and everything you're saying

I think back
and remember
it was so

I worshipped that

it's a weakness

you're my weakness

I know what you're saying

it's probably not true

you just want it

like everyone's said

I mean I kinda want it too

and your lies are so good

your lies are exemplary

they're better then mine

so I'll play along

I have too

I'm hooked now

don't let me go
don't leave me
keep me here in this fake heaven
this cloud nine

I'm skiing your body with my emotions

I like it so much

I'll smile back


please just don't stop smiling at me

I think it will break me.

I'll keep a rag and dust pan handy

I've been told

I'm a fantastic sweeper
1.7k · Dec 2012
Open me up
Sofia Von Dec 2012
It’s all a bit of a dream
Don’t you think?

Nothings ever certain

And once you know something
It’s all crystal clear

But just wait, soon
You’ll begin to question, wonder
Possibly forget
And be back at square one

So what should you build from there?

Well I have a house
That’s a **** good place to start

Cement goes into the cauldron
Goopy soupy and delicious
It bubbles of beginnings, and permanence

As it boils and squeals in the background of the world that surrounds
Me, I drift off into space

Who knew a few random fumes could get you high!

I see a dancer
A girl in bright blue torn tights, with a boy next to her,
and a friend
She’s a good student
She gets terrible grades

And there’s flowers all over her bed
You could call her a bumblebee the way she wraps her self
In them and inhales

She never cries
Well not that often
And when she does she regrets it

Things aren’t too serious with her

Depression, adhd, death available,
Verbs and adjectives far too strong
She can taste manipulation

People throw things around in her world,
And she’s been programmed to throw back
It hurts
With each hit her opponent brings to the rink

She often wonders if it’s all that bad. Tough, in a lonely sort of way

But every now and then
A breeze rolls on by
With a window
Always open

Honey, black tea, paper

And it’s back to the grey soup of the day

But the spoons getting harder and harder to stir
Times running out

What is there that could possibly change?

A few things unlock this path… but which one should I choose?

No se
No se no se
No se

I should be me…

But honestly

Who am I
1.6k · Feb 2015
Sofia Von Feb 2015
We already know she be bobbin fur some Baskin Robbin's
n nockin fur a cockin.
1.4k · Dec 2018
Sofia Von Dec 2018
I’m sick of the lies
I’m sick of the guise
Be an ******* to my face you *******
Cut me out like a man
Don’t ****** walk away like I did you wrong
I’ve given you nothing but love from the beginning
and you snap it back in my face
*****, I can your disgrace
and this race of ungrateful haste should rethink their approach in the presence of a kind heart and unwavering loyalty
you pushed me to the edge
and so I pledge
to never trust a soul
cuz this tossing and turning in yearning cuts deep
and I don’t get enough sleep
so count your sheep and be gone without a peep you ******* creep
I’m too real to pretend
In a world of fake embellishments to conceal god’s embroidery
I really thought you’d mean more to me
but you blend n bend just like the rest and to me
you’re just a guest so save me
the best
As I attest to never rest my pen for a pimpled partridge laced to dance to the tune we all know is rehearsed
I’m different
I see your past
I see your essence
I know your actions before you make them and lemme tell you
I could sell you here and now but you wouldn’t be worth it.
Don’t name me n game me like your dame to-be cuz I hear your hesitation and bruises
look like ******* on wanna be bad boys
**** all that noise
I’ve done that ****
I’ve lived that life
And I can play ***** less flirty and more wordy than a whole gurney of gays with no praise for your plug’s percocet purse you’re tryna nurse cuz no curse will salvage a sick man’s mind
Next time, don’t even bother
hittin me up for a quick ****
cuz you blew that chance a long time ago and I’d have to be on twice the amount of **** I was on then to ******* now
Ha! Like you’d even know how!
I’ve seen your hickeys of conquests Do you think I’m blind?
And that shows you’ve still gotta brag
boy, I’ve ****** your whole family with out a scratch so catch a disease cuz you’ll never please between my knees
You were beneath me from the beginning
But I gave you the doubt
And still
you’d rather smash for the clout cuz your way out of this drought are delusions of grandeur
not credible candor
On a firey rant. written a few months ago.
1.4k · Dec 2011
sat on a wall...
Sofia Von Dec 2011
I guess I'm a coward

Too strong

Is there such a thing?

nobody knows
the circumstances aren't high enough

I wish I could tell somebody

why isn't someone there?
even in the mirror form, or a puddle, or a window
I'm absent

Or is it late?
a habit I picked up from my mother

will I ever arrive?

that's the question isn't it
and no one knows
the answer

I'm stuck in the limbo of choice

so why don't I do it?

walk away from it all

well I'm scared
that no one would catch me... before I fall
1.3k · Dec 2018
It Came To Me
Sofia Von Dec 2018
What is the point
I care
Too much
Too deeply
I have a purpose
And then I don’t
I look in the mirror
And all I see
Is a girl who grew up and out of a fantasy
She’s pale and detached
Plump yet broken
She can’t tell her age anymore
She’s just ancient
Half expecting her face to crack and melt into the tile

Part of her is alive
and full of rage

The other is trapped in a cage
A dungeon of fear
Pleading for the easy way out
It wants to scuttle into the shadows
dissipate into the forgotten
Constantly these two creatures
are flicked on
and off
And off
A light show of indecisive ideas serenading a seizure to creep forth and calm the losing battle
but then...
The power goes out
And whats left?
Super rough. Just wrote it. Wanted to post it.
1.2k · Jan 2014
THE Self-Worth of a Penny..
Sofia Von Jan 2014
I'm not dedicated
I'm not hardworking
I'm not in a relationship
I have no special talents I'm phenomenal at
I'm average
Below average
Worth nothing
A daisy in a field of roses
Guess that makes me one in a million
I'll peer up at the sky and grow older
Dawn till dusk
At least I'm doing something.
Pull my petals like I have the answers
No love child
On to the next flower
Drop me down uprooted and disappointed
I'll slink back
Like a writhing sloth
Or crushed insect
This life is penetrating me too deep and pleasuring my soul all in one ******
I don't know who to trust
But the candle light in this darkness
Guides me
Back to you
Death can't touch me
And I can lie
Next to him day in and night out
Kidding my self that it will or won't work
But I keep flirting
Catching his kisses with my lips each minute sliding close
On the edge of the bed giddy with excitement
Eyes wide, mouth open, love
Too precious to lose
Too dangerous to keep
Rotting at your side I'll be indecisive
Zombies are in now anyways
Walk me dead,
Around the block,
cigarette in tow
Thriller thrills on this joy ride to hell
We can scare some kids!
Death and i
Are married.

The divorce papers are in the fire place.

Signed- happiness
A while back. Posted now.
974 · Feb 2015
Press Restart
Sofia Von Feb 2015
It may be sunny
but I'm drowsy in ecstasy
with my brown bear sittin next to me
perplexed with he
she texted the
but after regrets the deed
remembering to hed
her heart
put that too good love back in the cart
and switch to art
cuz passionate progressions always
fall apart
Press restart.
Sofia Von Oct 2014
Evangelical butterflies
purchase time to fly
their minds curve ball at the human race
for petty ideals lame of path,
save disaster

Drugs mellow and hype the sky; old burnout dun aged
and with feverous tremors flickers its scopic windpipe and dares
its arteries to burst
Some of us
Don't turn back to look the other way

Past's gravity propels off beat feet
rooted in the grit of grief and mich-matched silks
spewing dislodged disco *****
All at once
manic with aphrodisiacal aspirations you now know
another chance to take along the way
Pic-pockited, you gain no tangible trophy
But a gambled heart wins the lottery...
and a side of salted pain

Admiral protagonists seize the remote and chase
the impossibles to the frayed frames of the earth
Worth your while
are the delinquencies,
on the rocks arguments,
and perhaps a billion setting suns to share with your son's
untainted pool of innocence
To what end
Would you call a failure?
Kinda ******... but it was fun to write!
754 · Jan 2014
Don't screw a friend
Sofia Von Jan 2014
I reach for the glass thats non existent
Prowl for the prey thats long extinct
T-rex gallops
In my head
I play and race time
spinning back the clock for the heck of it
Im crazy
Its fun
You suckkkh
Cherry tie twists fall from your ***** mouth
I know where you've been
Boy don't lie
And I'm sick and tired of the truth.
How about
A fantasy instead
Take me down in the depths
Pump me with bass, charge me with alcohol, feed me cigarettes
I'm ready to meet and greet
Fools, know
This game is emotion
Well played is impossible
Winning doesn't happen
But there
Your piece moves
Good luck in sin city

Pray for relationships and wish for strippers
Our day in age
Is about seducing pain
Don't ***** a friend
And older train of thought about someone
693 · Jun 2013
Pen to Paper
Sofia Von Jun 2013
Find that pause

To blow up
Like a bubble of hubba bubba poppin neurons
To Flow,
Or stop,
Or twist
the fabric of reality
Flipped to flop across the lines
We were supposed to write on
But didn’t

And for a minute
I felt power.
693 · Feb 2015
druggie dream days
Sofia Von Feb 2015
Mouth to pipe
smoke it right
fire to light this night
twist the bubble fur trouble and
try not to humble your hubble
while you stumble
cuz you tryna **** with the rough and tumble
647 · Jun 2013
Sofia Von Jun 2013
There is life everywhere

Every person, everybody
Is blossoming
And they don’t even see it

A touch of humanity
Illuminated specifically to us individuals
With our talk, and tone
The vibrations of creativity sends
Shocks to mine and yours core
Where it is pumped out to be recognized

Some take it to the head
Down low is where I go—
To my center of gravity

And I don’t even understand
The longevity of each situation
I feel
And now I could bring it home
Like homework
To mom
But it’s in the re-action
That time and place.
You can’t relive
A veil of construction
Handed to you and ripped away all
In the single second of an instant.
Give it a taste
Of new juice
Never drank
With no intention of anyone
Ever trying it

You don’t need a pen to make
something permanent

You’re jumping the clouds of personality
Diving into that select few
Which sparks your colour
To intertwine with theirs
And rope around the world
As they go about the business we all feel
That Isn’t there

But you cut all ties
And what’s in your cup
Tea leaves
Nothing but future

And roads to fall on and get hurt

We all know this sting
Whether it be a bee
Or an entire hive
Or a leg,
A vital *****,
Planted in another after
One has passed
Giving rise
To the artificial cycle of life
Some have chosen


People make this plural but its singular and constant
Through eyes and words
Definitely intent

But still we stamp hard
Our signature self
On the walls of our boxed planet
And maybe
We’re breaking free

Are we the same?

I scratched the paper too hard
And ****** up a part
Of an art
I have no idea how to form

This is my process,
I heal and die in each bang or light tap I present,
So far,
To no one.
642 · Feb 2015
Night Rhymes
Sofia Von Feb 2015
Night rhymes commit
mind crimes
with ah spiced line, and some white wine, like its prime time,
to slam dunk a ***** off your bucket list
hittin 106
lookin sun-kissed
in Seattle's mist
catch me singein mah self
I'm in such crucial stealth
gotta prove your wealth when you're on this shelf
get him gushin in gravey like
I dare you to taste me...

No ***** ever replace me
605 · Dec 2018
Sofia Von Dec 2018
Numb and chilled on ice
I splice my own legacy for identification... My mannerisms mated early and crafted a cataclysmic contradiction
Impatient to erupt
Archaic down to the marrow
I whither in Seattle’s freeze of
Grey detachment
A stream of conciousness
496 · Jul 2014
Perfect Nonsense
Sofia Von Jul 2014
Seattles finally in heat
Warm dry air wafts up encompassing my skin as
I stride out the library's predicted to be heavy doors that are, unexpectedly light
Just like today
The ants precede out from the woodworks
to soak in their habitat's golden hues ricochet
the earth's existing melodies and harmonic undertones
on the faces of the creatures in our purposely lopsided
Double sphere planet
White incisors shine unthreatening
Why is it they convey predatorial death in addition to undiluted joy?
So much is this way
Making perfect nonsense, just felt and done
I don't think we could help it if we wanted to
a beautiful day in Seattle:)
380 · Feb 2015
awkward scenes
Sofia Von Feb 2015
Perfect awkwardness
makes me laugh
then cry
or was it the other way around?
351 · Nov 2018
The Graveyard
Sofia Von Nov 2018
A box of shadows lies dormant in a cluttered altar
Seething in circuitous rage it ravages for a state of tranquility
Clinging to clichés it finds a familiar maze of cognition to pace
Less of it...
A prosaic necrosis leeching at the lungs of the pure until the labyrinth halts and coughs for another chance to die
But there
A smile permeates
the glass of the half empty and
the being forges on in the wish
of a kiss beyond birth
But no one could want such a putrescent jinn
A miscegenation of indolence and desperation half-cocked to quake at the cackle of a shred of hope...
Her illiterate alliterations go as far as a pebble into the deep where once
She found her depths
Unfinished as always. Been a long while since I posted.
266 · Feb 2015
In the fine print
Sofia Von Feb 2015
Normal people
normal boxes
normal lives
the little foxes
a short lil tid bit ta twist your brains

— The End —