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Sofia Von Dec 2018
What is the point
I care
Too much
Too deeply
I have a purpose
And then I don’t
I look in the mirror
And all I see
Is a girl who grew up and out of a fantasy
She’s pale and detached
Plump yet broken
She can’t tell her age anymore
She’s just ancient
Half expecting her face to crack and melt into the tile

Part of her is alive
and full of rage

The other is trapped in a cage
A dungeon of fear
Pleading for the easy way out
It wants to scuttle into the shadows
dissipate into the forgotten
Constantly these two creatures
are flicked on
and off
And off
A light show of indecisive ideas serenading a seizure to creep forth and calm the losing battle
but then...
The power goes out
And whats left?
Super rough. Just wrote it. Wanted to post it.
Sofia Von Dec 2018
Numb and chilled on ice
I splice my own legacy for identification... My mannerisms mated early and crafted a cataclysmic contradiction
Impatient to erupt
Archaic down to the marrow
I whither in Seattle’s freeze of
Grey detachment
A stream of conciousness
Sofia Von Dec 2018
I’m sick of the lies
I’m sick of the guise
Be an ******* to my face you *******
Cut me out like a man
Don’t ****** walk away like I did you wrong
I’ve given you nothing but love from the beginning
and you snap it back in my face
*****, I can your disgrace
and this race of ungrateful haste should rethink their approach in the presence of a kind heart and unwavering loyalty
you pushed me to the edge
and so I pledge
to never trust a soul
cuz this tossing and turning in yearning cuts deep
and I don’t get enough sleep
so count your sheep and be gone without a peep you ******* creep
I’m too real to pretend
In a world of fake embellishments to conceal god’s embroidery
I really thought you’d mean more to me
but you blend n bend just like the rest and to me
you’re just a guest so save me
the best
As I attest to never rest my pen for a pimpled partridge laced to dance to the tune we all know is rehearsed
I’m different
I see your past
I see your essence
I know your actions before you make them and lemme tell you
I could sell you here and now but you wouldn’t be worth it.
Don’t name me n game me like your dame to-be cuz I hear your hesitation and bruises
look like ******* on wanna be bad boys
**** all that noise
I’ve done that ****
I’ve lived that life
And I can play ***** less flirty and more wordy than a whole gurney of gays with no praise for your plug’s percocet purse you’re tryna nurse cuz no curse will salvage a sick man’s mind
Next time, don’t even bother
hittin me up for a quick ****
cuz you blew that chance a long time ago and I’d have to be on twice the amount of **** I was on then to ******* now
Ha! Like you’d even know how!
I’ve seen your hickeys of conquests Do you think I’m blind?
And that shows you’ve still gotta brag
boy, I’ve ****** your whole family with out a scratch so catch a disease cuz you’ll never please between my knees
You were beneath me from the beginning
But I gave you the doubt
And still
you’d rather smash for the clout cuz your way out of this drought are delusions of grandeur
not credible candor
On a firey rant. written a few months ago.
Sofia Von Nov 2018
A box of shadows lies dormant in a cluttered altar
Seething in circuitous rage it ravages for a state of tranquility
Clinging to clichés it finds a familiar maze of cognition to pace
Less of it...
A prosaic necrosis leeching at the lungs of the pure until the labyrinth halts and coughs for another chance to die
But there
A smile permeates
the glass of the half empty and
the being forges on in the wish
of a kiss beyond birth
But no one could want such a putrescent jinn
A miscegenation of indolence and desperation half-cocked to quake at the cackle of a shred of hope...
Her illiterate alliterations go as far as a pebble into the deep where once
She found her depths
Unfinished as always. Been a long while since I posted.
Sofia Von Feb 2015
It may be sunny
but I'm drowsy in ecstasy
with my brown bear sittin next to me
perplexed with he
she texted the
but after regrets the deed
remembering to hed
her heart
put that too good love back in the cart
and switch to art
cuz passionate progressions always
fall apart
Press restart.
Sofia Von Feb 2015
We already know she be bobbin fur some Baskin Robbin's
n nockin fur a cockin.
Sofia Von Feb 2015
Night rhymes commit
mind crimes
with ah spiced line, and some white wine, like its prime time,
to slam dunk a ***** off your bucket list
hittin 106
lookin sun-kissed
in Seattle's mist
catch me singein mah self
I'm in such crucial stealth
gotta prove your wealth when you're on this shelf
get him gushin in gravey like
I dare you to taste me...

No ***** ever replace me
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