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Jun 23 · 42
life of poet
simone jewell Jun 23
for i cannot hate the hurt
it helps me feel
it helps me heal
which helps me write
and to write is to live
May 9 · 367
the sad smiles
if optimism leads
then exhaustion follows

hyped up on euphoria
with unexpected sorrows

and with this still
return all of my tomorrows
the next day will come around with a smile or with a frown
Apr 15 · 47
magic nectar
simone jewell Apr 15
speak flowers
breathe honey

inhale positivity
&exhale kindness

plant seeds in lives and watch them blossom
investing hearts heal scars
Aug 2018 · 290
simone jewell Aug 2018
***, drugs, and alcohol got the best of you
and now all that's left is the rest of you
Jul 2018 · 80
we are all addicts
simone jewell Jul 2018
we are all addicts
to something

consuming our every thought and our every need
admittedly or inherently
it's an inevitable choice
which we all regret

for some it is ******
for others it is acceptance
they are fundamentally one in the same
over time they slowly devour our entire existence

these choices are ****** upon us
so what shall consume me?
neurotic behavior? nicotine? romance?
pick your poison carefully
Jul 2018 · 12.7k
silent poet society
simone jewell Jul 2018
we write because we are told
we write because we are cold

so why write poetry?

is it to obey
is it to simply misbehave
is it due today
is it more than what we say

if not
why do you write poetry?

because I can
because I am

we are made to feel
we are made to speak
some people are quiet
and others are bleak

words are expressive and alive
but some words are best left to die
anonymous avengers
simone jewell Jun 2018
there are no words for that feeling
and broken

but these are just words
words are harmless
oh but words destroy

just like you destroyed me

you say you love me
do you?

you say words
don't you?

words are harmless
words destroy

my fragile heart doesn't want another word
from you

not all words destroy
not all words are harmless

but today
your words destroyed
Nov 2017 · 166
inner decor
simone jewell Nov 2017
her smile
those eyes
that face

the decor is pretty
and though it may fade

those eyes will infinitely shine from her hazel-green golden soul
my J
Nov 2017 · 146
humane creator
simone jewell Nov 2017
every spec of dust and every tick of time
each star, constellation and every moon
sunflowers in golden hour
smiles and bursts of teary laughter
big long hugs and deep kisses
expressing artistic versions of ourselves
discovering profound skill and knowledge within us
loud uplifting music bringing people together
celebrations of joy and peaceful living

this is the closest thing to love He can show us from above
& oh how grateful am I
Nov 2017 · 100
my savior and my moon
simone jewell Nov 2017
stuck inside my shriveled cocoon
He heals me
my Savior and my moon

He has set me free
He declares 'leave no more days to cry
for today you are made to fly'
God is good
Aug 2017 · 185
simone jewell Aug 2017
wrong wrong wrong
everything i do

i keep singing this happy song
but still feel blue
May 2017 · 98
golden hour
simone jewell May 2017
as the sun kisses her skin
i grow speechless and stupid
blinded by the most beautiful sight
and she smiles because she knows
she knows the paradise i see
lies behind the sun shine in her eyes
Jan 2017 · 319
simone jewell Jan 2017
what an odd, beautiful nothing
to find a person

who makes you feel like the most significant something
the way she looks at me
Jan 2017 · 86
hope & light
simone jewell Jan 2017
there is a spark in me
welling up inside
a jump in awakeness
a burst of some sort
something special begins to fill my veins
fill my veins with
hope &  light
it's as if i have met the stars and slept on the moon
so surreal
oh how you make me feel
Dec 2016 · 88
simone jewell Dec 2016
she kissed me pink
and on that same day
I kissed her green
in times of grey
Dec 2016 · 320
behind the laugh
simone jewell Dec 2016
deep inside myself I sink
bad things happen when i think
deep inside myself I crawl
I'm sorry for it all

my body is strong
but my soul is weak
so i don't

to escape my demons i escape myself
avoidance is how i cope
ingrained inside
"everything is alright"
behind the laugh
there is a cry refusing to be exposed
I'm coping
I'm coping the only way I know how
to avoid it because I know I am weak and will break

I am scared
and I am sad
but I laugh so i wont cry
smile so i wont die
Oct 2016 · 185
screaming for silence
simone jewell Oct 2016
pen and paper,
paper and pen,
I put this pen to paper
hoping for the demons in my head to waver
Oct 2016 · 80
simone jewell Oct 2016
not a place, but a vision
and as I
stare into her iridescent eyes
the flecks of golden yellow scattered
between the light hues of hazel and green

I catch a glimpse
of paradise
Sep 2016 · 421
Ongoing screenwrite
simone jewell Sep 2016
watching memories like cinemas
long lasting until they're over
for moments are sweetest while basking inside them
Sep 2016 · 222
one or the other
simone jewell Sep 2016

destruction by decision
Jul 2016 · 239
cigarette suicide
simone jewell Jul 2016
put your lips somewhere
that makes you never want to
May 2016 · 300
hour glass
simone jewell May 2016
watching the last grands of sand fall, nearly empty
trembling with shiny eyes soaked with remorse
as the days which counted down to this moment are gone
oh how precious time is even as we let go of all control
our bodies shake unruly with fear of the terrifying unknown
forced to face it alone.
Apr 2016 · 189
something good
simone jewell Apr 2016
something good can happen
attempting to believe
something good can happen
while denying all deceit

within a new vicinity
expectations were exceeded
here this bond will surpass infinity
an answered prayer previously pleaded  

something good happened
the day of your birth
something good happened
while discovering your worth

to be with you forever I could
for you are my something good
inspirations include alt j
Mar 2016 · 313
lonely lies
simone jewell Mar 2016
it's nice to be alone
nobody to hurt, nobody hurts
it's nice to be alone
nobody to compare, nobody compares
it's nice to be alone
nobody to bother, nobody bothers, nobody
except yourself
Feb 2016 · 236
loop drive
simone jewell Feb 2016
from the arms of her, the sky stood still
as we transported through the hours of the night with everlasting friendships and bags under our eyes and a misunderstanding view on where we were headed until reminded by the passing city lights
Feb 2016 · 235
simone jewell Feb 2016
there is not an organized method  of channeling my emotions I cannot  choreograph my thoughts in such a way that is beautiful and efficient on paper I can simply ramble on and on and before you know it I am lost within the parameters of my own written word,
but I don't want to be pitied I just want to be heard there are no expectations to fill for these ponders are not fluid
they are still
Jan 2016 · 214
The Girl
simone jewell Jan 2016
She came with a bed time story of a gal who had not a clue
about where to go or what ever to do
she spent her days sulking
upon worries and worries that have been bulking
her dreams uncertain and her mind a clutter
the desires of her heart cannot help but flutter

she's running out of time
someone please tell her being puzzled is no crime
her identity is entirely made from imagination and affection
like everyone else, insecure with her own imperfection
not everybody's cup of tea
everybody's best friend she tries to be
but often lonely
and sick of monotony

She asked who the girl was
I answered, "the girl is me."
Jan 2016 · 270
simone jewell Jan 2016
As they lay over the big blue sky
Creating art with each shape and form
It's a reminder that we all will die
Whether it be cold or warm

Viewed as the Earth's ceiling wall
Looking up makes us feel so small
Life is bigger than just us
To seek a deeper meaning we must

— The End —