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simone jewell Jun 2019
for i cannot hate the hurt
it helps me feel
it helps me heal
which helps me write
and to write is to live
simone jewell May 2019
if optimism leads
then exhaustion follows

hyped up on euphoria
with unexpected sorrows

and with this still
return all of my tomorrows
the next day will come around with a smile or with a frown
simone jewell Apr 2019
speak flowers
breathe honey

inhale positivity
&exhale kindness

plant seeds in lives and watch them blossom
investing hearts heal scars
simone jewell Aug 2018
***, drugs, and alcohol got the best of you
and now all that's left is the rest of you
simone jewell Jul 2018
we are all addicts
to something

consuming our every thought and our every need
admittedly or inherently
it's an inevitable choice
which we all regret

for some it is ******
for others it is acceptance
they are fundamentally one in the same
over time they slowly devour our entire existence

these choices are ****** upon us
so what shall consume me?
neurotic behavior? nicotine? romance?
pick your poison carefully
simone jewell Jul 2018
we write because we are told
we write because we are cold

so why write poetry?

is it to obey
is it to simply misbehave
is it due today
is it more than what we say

if not
why do you write poetry?

because I can
because I am

we are made to feel
we are made to speak
some people are quiet
and others are bleak

words are expressive and alive
but some words are best left to die
anonymous avengers
simone jewell Jun 2018
there are no words for that feeling
and broken

but these are just words
words are harmless
oh but words destroy

just like you destroyed me

you say you love me
do you?

you say words
don't you?

words are harmless
words destroy

my fragile heart doesn't want another word
from you

not all words destroy
not all words are harmless

but today
your words destroyed
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